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We all know that mamas have the hardest job in the world, and that’s why we sometimes need a little bit of additional help to get everything on that ever-increasing to-do list ticked off. Luckily, there’s a range of services available in Singapore to help lighten the load and bring a little Zen to even the most harried parents! So here’s our top picks of the best Resources for Busy Parents in Singapore… to give you the help you really need mama!



A-Team Amahs & Cleaners provide legal part-time maids to help with ad-hoc babysitting, home cleaning, and confinement services for new mothers. All of their babysitters are screened before placement, and are experienced with looking after children… these are the ones to call if you’re desperate for a few hours on your own mama (and your helper is on leave!).

If your little one’s early morning shenanigans are leaving you rather sleep deprived, you’ll want to have Tammy Fontana from Baby Sleep Fairy on speed dial. Providing tailored sleep solutions that are matched to your parenting style, Tammy will help get your infant and toddler back on track for a good night’s sleep.

If your helper’s cooking could use a bit of help, Expat Kitchen is the one to call, mama. This nice little cooking school in Little India offers in-depth hands-on cooking classes that cover everything from basic cooking techniques, to food safety and hygiene and even how to bake cookies, cakes and muffins!

Mother and Child is one of Singapore’s most well-known prenatal and postnatal education centres and offers a comprehensive range of support services for Singapore parents. Their First Aid for Helpers course equips your helper with valuable CPR and first aid skills, as well as ideas for safe play with young babies, helping give mamas peace of mind that their charges are being well cared for!

With a range of qualified and experienced care providers on their books, Just Us Childcare & Eldercare Services provides in-home help from their team of babysitters, professional nannies, night nurses and confinement nannies. If you’re looking for live-in full-time domestic help, these guys can help conduct interviews and arrange trial sessions to ensure you’re happy with your new helper.

Providing mamas-to-be and new parents with valuable support services, ParentLink has a number of courses for helpers to equip them with the skills needed to help raise your kiddos the way you’d like. Their basic First Aid for Maids course provides basic training for emergency situations, while their Nanny Training for your Maid 3-part course covers first aid, Dunstan baby language support and conscious parenting techniques.

Nannypro is a licensed employment agency that places caregivers (including confinement nannies and domestic helpers) into homes, matching the helper to a parent’s requirements. They even offer a one-month guarantee and can provide a replacement nanny where needed, just in case you run into speed bumps with your original hire.


ironingHOUSE + HOME

If your home is starting to look more bomb site than beautiful after the arrival of your bundle of joy, turn to Domestic One and their team of local (and most importantly, legal) part-time helpers to clean your apartment. Lending an extra hand when you need it, opt for either ad-hoc cleaning services or weekly visits to ensure your home is sparkling — little effort required!

Another popular part-time cleaning company, CleanIn is known for their efficient and experienced cleaners who know how to make your pad pristine. All of their cleaners are trained, reference checked, and are covered by employer’s insurance which protects you from any liability if they were to have an accident in your home.

Helping to source local and PR part-time cleaners, AXCEL provide professional home cleaning services on a short-term, long-term or ad-hoc basis. These guys even check with all their clients to ensure cleaning services are up to scratch… so mamas can rest assured their homes will be cleaned to perfection.

Want your house to be sparkling clean? Then turn to Mrs Sparkles and their team of housekeepers to help keep your digs in order. Offering general cleaning, house sitting, pet minding and dry cleaning services on either an ad-hoc or contract basis, keep these guys on speed dial so your place never looks like a landfill site again!

For your furry family members, holiday time can be quite stressful. The unfamiliar environment of a kennel or cattery can cause anxiety and confusion and they will often take a while to re-settle into regular routines. Pet Buddy offers personalized pet sitting services in your own home, with daily visits for feeding, walking and grooming, all in familiar surroundings.

If you feel your apartment is lacking a certain homeliness, how about chatting to the lovely gals from Flower Girl? Their fresh blooms are home delivered direct to your door, with a range gorgeous blooms to choose from. Take your pick and they do the rest, winging a fabulous bouquet to you as often as you require and adding a beautiful splash of colour to your home. We think this would make a great gift for a special friend or relative or even a special anniversary gift from the man in your life.



Fancy whipping up a tasty meal minus the schlepping around? Check out our guide to Online Grocery Shopping in Singapore! All of these companies offer home delivery for your weekly groceries, fruit and veggies or even fresh meat and eggs, taking the hassle out of sourcing ingredients and leaving you more time to actually cook! Here are a few tried and tested Sassy Mama faves, guaranteed to cheer up your evening meal…

The Barbie Girls offer hormone and antibiotic free meat, seafood and gourmet products from Australia, New Zealand and Europe, as well as ready made Barbie Meals that only need to be popped in the oven for a bit before they’re ready to eat. Dinner in a flash (with minimal effort) — you betcha!

Tangy Tangerines has you covered for fresh fruit (and some veggies) where you get to control exactly which fruits make it into your basket, while Sabine’s Baskets deliver market fresh (and locally sourced!) fruit and vegetable boxes on a one-off, weekly or monthly basis. And lastly, how could we neglect to mention RedMart? This one-stop shop for all your pantry items is the perfect place to order all those bulky household items, so you never need trudge to the shops again!

If your little lovelies are turning up their nose at every lovingly homemade meal put in front of them, turn to Petit Bowl for healthy, delicious meals for kiddos 4 months to 6 years old. These frozen meals include a ton of fresh stuff and are pureed (for the teeny tinies) and left chunky for the big kids… all you need to do mama is defrost, heat and serve.

And if you just don’t have any energy to put together a meal (or your helper is *gulp* away on holidays…) look to Food Panda to drop some restaurant goodness direct to your door. With over 150 restos on their books, all you need to do is pop in your postcode, place your order and they take care of the rest. Too easy mama!


mama-time-2MAMA TIME

Send the kids off for a playdate and book yourself a pampering experience that comes right to your door with Aleyda Mobile Spa! With facials and massages their speciality, we love the no-time-wasted approach as there’s no need to tramp through town all groggy and makeup-less afterwards, you can just head straight to your own bed!

Sore shoulders getting you down? Look to Sole Service for that much needed massage or foot rub! Bringing luxury massage treatments straight to your doorstep, there’s no need to leave the house to be pampered, plus they bring everything with them… all you need to do is sit back and r…e…l…a…x.

Mums@Work is an online free career portal for working mothers and mumpreneurs. Supporting mamas with services that empower them to work from home, seek part-time or flexi-work arrangements, look to these lovely ladies to get all the career advice and training you need to be a successful (and sane) working mama!

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