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Sassy Scoop: A Future at The White House

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Now now mamas, don’t get overly excited although we do know that all of our kids were of course born to be world leaders! The White House International Preschool is the newly opened international preschool in town with the goal of raising early childhood educational standards. Not as far as Pennsylvania Avenue but located at Dunearn Road, why not pop by for a visit at its open house on 25th October this year? If you sign up at the open house, you will enjoy a two-week no obligation trial and a waiver of registration fees (normally $200).

Curious as to what might your future president or prime minister might learn Mamas?

Not just focusing on world domination mamas (we are kidding by the way!), the White House’s vision is centred on nurturing the holistic development of preschool children. They aim to establish an essential foundation and inspire a lifelong learning attitude that will translate to future successes in school and beyond. With a curriculum that engages children, there is a balance of educational and play-based learning aimed at cultivating each child to be tomorrow’s leader.

Just how do they do this? Firstly, the school employs active learning techniques providing experimentation opportunities together with exploration and hands-on learning. Secondly, they cater to the parental idea of educational utopia by having a small teacher-to-student ratio. Their passionate teachers (who are all holders of degrees in early childhood education by the way) naturally have more quality time with children with personalised attention and customised milestones for those crucial and early formative years. Thirdly, located in a semi-detached house in a quiet residential neighbourhood, the preschool provides the right balance of study and play necessary for holistic development. With a large outdoor play and exploration area, inquisitive minds and psychomotor skills are enhanced with a beautiful garden where children can connect with nature. Lastly, they believe in building a strong partnership with parents and that as a parent, you play a key role in your child’s development. It is this binding relationship with parents that ultimately enhances a child’s lifelong learning experiences and their positive attitudes and character-building skills.

Ready to pledge your allegiance Mamas? The school is extending a warm invitation to you and the family to visit on Saturday, 25th October 2014 for its open house. All you need to do is to email them at [email protected] with a date to start your two-week no obligation trial and they will take care of the rest.

The White House International Preschool
644 Dunearn road, Singapore 289627
Tel: (+65) 6464 6088

Brought to you in partnership with The White House 

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