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Sassy Scoop: How choosing Pat’s Schoolhouse Mount Emily keeps you ahead of the curve

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The competition for the best preschools in Singapore is fierce, mama. It’s tough just to keep track of leading Mandarin-immersion programmes, kindergartens that teach Singapore maths, interactive play-based learning classes, and schools with amazing facilities. Although we’re spoiled for choice in our pre-primary school options, we know you’re that parent with an inner kiasu that borders on Tiger mama when it comes to choosing the right school in Singapore for your under-7s. Here’s why Pat’s Schoolhouse Mount Emily is ace for you.

Besides its award-winning curriculum, Pat’s Schoolhouse Mount Emily offers outstanding holistic prep for primary school. Benefitting from its ah-mazing central location in the lush greenery of Mount Emily Park, kids at Pat’s Schoolhouse Mount Emily have room to run, play, and explore, applying the brainy lessons they learn in spacious classrooms to an open-air natural environment. This hands-on approach to learning piques an holistic interest in learning disciplines for your child that will set them above the rest, celebrating childhood life-lessons by encouraging their curiosity, creativity and confidence.

Adding to the lush learning habitat at Pat’s Schoolhouse Mount Emily, the love of Art will be introduced as a distinct discipline within Pat’s already ab-fab curriculum in January 2015. As a participating Pat’s City Centre of the ARTS, children lucky enough to attend one of Pat’s City Centres – Mount Emily, Prinsep and Raffles, will gain an appreciation of the arts via arts immersion, and hands-on sessions led by specialists in the field. Appreciation trips to museums, performing theaters, libraries, and other cultural centres nearby will also spawn your child’s excitement for the 4 pillars of arts – visual, media, Chinese and performing arts.

Where else can you find open fields for play, a swimming pool, spacious classrooms allowing natural clean air, and a dedicated Arts curriculum within the renowned powerhouse that is Pat’s Schoolhouse? Oh, and did we mention the highly effective Mandarin Bilingual Immersion Curriculum that is unique to Pat’s?

What’s more is that you too can be a part of the shooting star, mama. Hitch a ride on the Pat’s Schoolhouse Mount Emily learning adventure with family carnivals, art exhibitions and concerts to keep in-the-know of your progeny’s progress throughout the year.

Want to know more about what sets Pat’s Schoolhouse Mount Emily above the rest? Call them at 6781 2288 or email [email protected] to schedule your visit today.

Pat’s Schoolhouse Mount Emily
19 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228126
Tel: (+65) 6781 2288

Brought to you in partnership with Pats Schoolhouse

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