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Sassy Mama Staycation: Mama takes the W Sentosa Cove Hotel

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w_staycation_dcgWhen my dear husband asked me what I wanted most for Christmas late last year the answer was, “a staycation at a nice hotel in Singapore”. This put a dreamy smile on his face, until I finished my sentence with the word “alone”. “Oh, I see… Well that can be arranged.” Christmas day came, and a lovely handwritten card was dutifully handed over with the promise of a staycation because apparently I deserved it.

As all you mamas know, we love our little ones dearly but sometimes we need a little something to remind us of that. Because let’s face it, there really is no job in the civilized world these days where you don’t get a weekend, or at least a day, off every now and then. Go ahead, you can quote us on that!

So, back in January when the kids were in school and things were getting back to (stressful) normality again, I thought the time was right. I wanted to go somewhere that felt as holiday-like as possible without wasting any precious hours on a ferry, so I decided on the W Singapore Sentosa Cove. Hubby, true to his word, booked me in for a night of spa and vino in witty and intelligent company – my own. I waved goodbye to kids and helper and sprinted out the door; my helper thinking I went on a business trip.

Less than an hour later I had checked into my über-designed room at the W, trying to get my head around the room’s complex light system, while browsing the spa menu. I booked a massage for later that afternoon and decided to hit the gym. Please note Mamas, the gym is by no means mandatory on a staycation, but given the fact that I had emptied the shelves at a nearby 7-eleven of chocolates and cookies, just in case of course, I felt like a leisurely run would significantly add to my being able to enjoy these treats.  And for those of you who would like a visit to the gym, they have a really, really good one at the W Sentosa with lots of machines, treadmills and free weights. It was however completely empty apart from myself on this particular sunny afternoon, go figure.

who3462sp.128770_ubAfter my run I settled in a sun bed by the pool enjoying a KitKat, because double standards are better than no standards at all, until it was time to get ready for my massage. The W boasts about having something they call a ‘rainforest shower’ in each suite, but in all honesty it is more like a sad drizzle, so if you don’t have oceans (of time) just grab the usual shower and get it over with. I did actually had to ask for assistance getting the hot water working, which I of course blame the design for. Clean and rosy-cheeked I made my way to the ‘Away Spa’ to enjoy my massage. The spa has a very contemporary feel making it almost a tad too hip but that is of course personal preference. But they really should tell their staff that hurried running inside a spa is just plain wrong. My hour long signature massage however was nothing short of excellent and although the relaxation room afterwards looks a bit like a space ship, I actually fell asleep while sipping ginger tea and munching on nuts and dried fruit. So overall a big thumbs up for the spa!

vinoI left the spa and headed for a pre-dinner glass of wine in the lobby bar. But for a mama who just woke up, the loud electronic music was a bit much so I decided to take it outside, no fighting involved. The W has a beautiful terrace with funky furniture, lots of candlelight and the only sound you hear is the breeze and faint chatter from the table next to you… Magic. With your drink you get a small old-fashioned jar of nuts, which adds a really nice touch. After drinks I made my way to the Kitchen restaurant downstairs and gorged on a burger, ‘nuf said!

feetupSleepy from the wine and fries I went back to my room where the lights had been professionally dimmed, turning my room into a cozy little boudoir. The beds are super-comfy so I slept like a baby (where does that expression come from btw?) and woke up feeling rested and ready for breakfast. And this is where the true magic happens, the breakfast buffet, OMG mamas! If I say I spent an hour eating my way through the different sections that would probably just be because I’m ashamed to admit it was more like 2 hours. Whatever you fancy for breakfast, they have it. And if the buffet wasn’t enough, the staff keep passing your table with freshly made croissants, French toast, eggs and other goodies asking if you would like to try some.  In the end I started to panic slightly and decided to head for the exit, pronto! By this time it was already 11 o’clock, so I wanted to spend my last two hours of bliss by the pool reading a good book. I of course fell asleep after a few minutes again and woke up just in time for checkout. Shortly after I was back home with kids jumping all over me and a helper looking mightily suspicious, since I was wearing flip-flops coming back from a business trip.

Having a night to yourself every now and then isn’t a luxury mama, it is a necessity.

Rooms start from $440 per night including breakfast. The spa massage was $165. 

W Singapore Sentosa Cove, 21 Ocean Way, Singapore 098374
Tel: (+65) 6808 7288

Visit the W Singapore Sentosa Cove’s website




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