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Sassy Mama Field Trip: Gardens by the Bay

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With my 9-month-old baby resisting his afternoon naps, a distinct lack of toys to keep him busy and without a safe space to play, the husband and I decided to get out of the house (you ever get that feeling mama?) and try something different. And while you might think that leaving the house in the middle of the day might be a little bit too hot for little ones, my husband and I found Gardens by the Bay to be the perfect sunny getaway — and so close to home too!

Driving to the Gardens is relatively easy, with plenty of family lots in the basement car park. Despite my excitement to get inside the domes, my husband insisted we get a drink from Indochine at the SuperTree first. With a per entry charge (includes one drink) I would probably give this pit-stop a miss next time. While they do allow babies and toddlers inside, we found the inside seating area was cramped with little space for strollers and the outdoor area a bit too hot. We actually earmarked this as a place to come back to in the evening for our next date night, no kids!

Ticketing was pretty swift. However to enjoy local rates, you have to show your identification card (and they’re a stickler for the rules mama, so if you have one don’t forget to bring it with you!). If you prefer to ditch the queues, definitely book your tickets online. We loved that for children under 3 they can enter the conservatories for free — winning (mamas and papas however pay $20 each)!


The Flower Dome is a myriad of fascinating colours, and as the domes are kept cool it’s perfect for the little ones. Our son was definitely just as excited as his mama was to get amongst the flowers — it was just a shame that the papa in our family didn’t share the same level of excitement! Our little one loved putting his fingers into the bushes, touching all the flowers and checking it all out… just be careful of the roses though mama, they have thorns!

The Flower Dome itself is an ever changing exhibit depending on local festivities and the seasons. When we visited it was during the Mid-Autumn festival so there were many beautiful roses from China, as well as Chrysanthemums and even beautiful Calla Lilies. In the past, they’ve even replicated the famous tulip fields of Holland! Tucked away in all this prettiness is the famed Pollen restaurant — diners at Pollen can enter the Flower Dome for free, as well as getting free parking on weekdays from 12-1pm. Nice!

In between both conservatories, there is also a huge resting area with a snack bar selling ice creams and drinks. We bought a yummy yuzu tea from the snack bar and chilled out for a bit, but it’s also the perfect place for little ones to run around if they feel the need!


Entering the Cloud Forest we were super impressed with the waterfalls, the huge wall of exotic and carnivorous plants, the steel walkways into the clouds and the mist… it’s the perfect backdrop for an Indiana Jones remake! No wonder the boys like it too (even my hubby!). I must confess, I found the steel walkways a tad scary to walk on… as they’re grid-like you can see all the way to the ground (waaa!) but it does make you feel like you are walking on clouds when the mist descends.

Overall, Gardens by the Bay was a pleasant surprise! We did postpone going there for a while as we thought the queues and the heat might have been a bit much for our baby, but instead we loved it! The best part was our wee one falling asleep as soon as we put him in the car to go home — great!

For a relatively inexpensive weekend outing, I’d definitely recommend the Gardens — it’s stroller friendly, away from the sun and even fully equipped with baby change facility. We’ll definitely be going back soon!

Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953
Open daily 9am-9pm

Lead image source via shutterstock

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