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Tried and Tested: Resparkle Organic Home Cleaning Products

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Whether you’re dealing with eczema like this mama or are simply worried about hazardous chemicals, there are many reasons to switch to natural and organic home cleaning products

My obsession with organic and natural home cleaning products began with my own health issues. I suffered from asthma and eczema. I’ve had asthma since I was a kid and even with swim training every weekend, I’ve never outgrown asthma and it continues to be a part of my life.

The root cause of eczema was genetic. Except for my mom, all my immediate family members had it. My helper never understood why I did not lift a finger to cook or wash the dishes. I do cook actually but my husband, being the better chef, would always help out and he would wash up after cooking because he understood my problem.

I practised Bikram Yoga, but the heat caused my face to be red. I had to take steroids to calm it down. I practised Bikram Yoga for 3 years and I had lost quite a lot of weight with it. It tormented me when I had to give it up because of my eczema. Honestly, I did not have much of a choice as I had to take a cocktail of steroids and apply Physiogel AI Cream every day if I wanted to continue with Bikram Yoga. At the advice of my dermatologist, I stopped Bikram Yoga completely.

The final straw came when I was in Hong Kong last year. I asked hotel housekeeping for some laundry powder because I needed to wash some dirty laundry. After washing, cuts appeared on my both hands and the wounds bled. It hurt so much that I had to apply hydrocortisone cream, put plasters on the cuts, and refrain from washing my hands. It was really distressing.

It was then that I decided to take control of my condition and manage it. I googled to find the most effective cleaning products that have been proven safe for eczema users. After scouring ingredients, I decided to contact Resparkle from Australia.

I received an instant reply from Resparkle’s founder, Pearl Chan, who happened to be in Singapore! Turns out she’s a Singaporean who moved to Melbourne eight years ago.

During my meeting with Pearl, I felt that we shared the same goals. Both of us hoped to bring organic and natural cleaners to homes using toxic-laden chemical cleaners. I asked Pearl to send me some samples from Resparkle so that I could try out the samples and then order after my trial.

The samples from Resparkle came within a week and it was the happiest day of my life. I simply filled the bottle with clean tap water to the level indicated on the bottle, turned and twisted the pod, shaked a bit and I got a cool bottle of organic kitchen and multi-surface cleaner. I used the kitchen and multi-surface cleaner to clean the kitchen stove and the dry kitchen table. I did all the dishes with Resparkle’s dishwashing liquid and even used the dishwashing liquid as a handwash. I did all the cleaning without gloves!

My kids followed suit and used Resparkle’s Organic Nursery and Toy Bottle Cleaner to clean their study tables and bedroom. My helper was amazed because I even cleaned the bathroom using Resparkle’s Organic Bathroom & Glass Cleaner. “Madam, I have not seen you clean so many things before!” she said. It was because I was not using common supermarket brands, I was using Resparkle which has been certified organic by NASAA and tested safe for those who suffering from dermatitis and eczema.

The biggest draw about Resparkle is the refillable pod system; it’s innovation at its best. You just have to add clean tap water, twist the pod, shake a little to mix the ingredients with the water and you get a bottle of cleaner which you can use for about one to two months.

I love being able to reuse the bottle and replenish the re-fill pod. It is easy, effective, cost-saving, healthy and very safe for eczema users. It satisfies the 3Rs (recycle, reuse and reduce). Resparkle’s packaging is also award-winning.

To be absolutely sure about the products, I used Resparkle’s myself five times without any skin reaction before I decided to order from Pearl.

Then it struck me, why don’t I just distribute Resparkle and introduce this remarkable organic cleaning homecare brand to other Singaporeans? Particularly those suffering from the same skin problem I have. I wanted to help eczema sufferers, people with sensitive skin prone to contact dermatitis, and especially babies and children who bite on their toys, play on the floor and come into contact with toxic-laden chemical cleaners every single day.

Personally, using Resparkle Organic Homecare Cleaners has changed my life in a big way. I am now cooking my own meals and baking, and my hands no longer get cuts due to eczema. If you are troubled by asthma, eczem or contact dermatitis, you might want to investigate further and perhaps change your cleaning products. Extensive research has shown that toxic-laden chemical cleaners sold at supermarkets can lead to cancer, reproductive issues for women and developmental issues in babies and kids.

Resparkle is Australia’s Leading Organic Homecare brand and is available at Tangs Orchard B1 (Home & Décor) and Tangs Vivocity Level 2. You can also purchase the products online from and

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