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“Why Won’t My Little One Sleep Through?” Sleepy Bubba Sleep Experts Can Help!

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Sleep training is all the rage these days. Luckily, the sleep consultants at Sleepy Bubba are pros at ensuring that tots sleep like champs. Scroll to get our exclusive perk of 5% off packages.

Is your little one still relying on being rocked to sleep, or waking up a lot in the wee hours for feeds? While it’s heartwarming that they seek comfort from us at bedtime, let’s face it, we parents need our quality rest too! If you’re a sleep-deprived parent scouring every self-help book for tips on improving your baby’s sleep, it might be time to consider reaching out to a sleep consultant! Meet Sleepy Bubba, a team of certified baby sleep consultants who’ve assisted over 600 families in achieving better sleep. Here’s a look into how they use proven and evidence-based approaches to improve your baby’s sleep while at the same time respecting their needs and your parenting instincts.

While every child is unique, ensuring they receive the appropriate amount of sleep for their age is essential. During sleep, babies release growth hormones crucial for physical development, such as muscle growth and tissue repair. Quality sleep not only supports their physical growth but also enhances mood and emotional regulation, reducing the likelihood of irritability and tantrums. Research shows that good sleep is essential for developing crucial skills like language acquisition, attention span, and impulse control. Moreover, regular and sufficient sleep helps babies process new skills and experiences effectively.

Ensuring that your baby ‘sleeps like a baby’

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How do you get your child to sleep through if they are struggling? Establishing a healthy sleep routine early on is a win-win for both bubs and parents, ensuring better rest for everyone. For many this involves dinnertime, bath, quiet time with dim lights, a story and then bed. Ensuring your baby has eaten/drunk enough in the day is also important so that you know they aren’t waking up hungry in the night. Tried all that and still no luck? Perhaps it’s time to engage a sleep expert like Sleepy Bubba.

Sleepy Bubba, founded by a fellow mama

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Leann Low, founder of Sleepy Bubba is a fellow mama who once struggled to get her baby to sleep. She understands firsthand the challenges parents face. After engaging a sleep consultant, her baby started falling asleep independently within just two nights of sleep training, achieving an impressive 14 hours of sleep daily. This transformative experience highlighted the profound impact of quality sleep on daily lives and moods. Motivated by her journey, Leann founded Sleepy Bubba to empower other parents with invaluable knowledge. Today, her company has successfully assisted hundreds of families across the island, improving the sleep of newborns through toddlers. So rest easy (pun intended), you’re in capable hands.

Sleepy Bubba recognises the individuality of each child and understands that quality sleep isn’t one-size-fits-all so they craft personalised support to ensure each little one gets the rest they deserve. They believe that sleep training extends beyond bedtime; it’s a holistic journey that involves understanding and meeting your child’s needs, setting consistent boundaries, and nurturing their overall development. Their process starts with open discussions with parents to grasp the ins and outs of each household’s situation. From there, they meticulously craft a plan tailored to suit your child’s unique needs. Their customised sleep plans ensure your child gets the rest they need, allowing you to proudly declare that your little one sleeps like, well, a baby!

Bid farewell to sleepless nights

Sleepy Bubba has packages from newborns through toddlers, and even sibling/twin packages. Each plan comes with virtual consultations, WhatsApp and Call support as well as future call support. The team will also be there to answer your queries with timely responses. Book a discovery call with Sleepy Bubba to learn more about the benefits of sleep training, and how they can help you and your bubs get better sleep!

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