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Bouncy Paradise Singapore Review: Indoor Inflatable Playground, Bouncy Castles & Rainbow Slides

Bouncy Paradise - tickets and info
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Bouncy Paradise inflatable indoor playground in Singapore, features bouncy castle inflatable slides to zoom down, ball pits and climbing walls.

Check out our Bouncy Paradise review of the latest permanent bouncy castle indoor playground located in one massive 20,000 sqft space (that’s air-conditioned) featuring a huge interconnected bouncy castle platform with multiple rainbow slides (some extremely steep!), ball pits big enough to swim in, plus obstacle courses, climbing walls, a flying fox and more! Update: Do note we have been alerted to some accidents here (you can Google online to find stories so do be cautious on the steep slides and equipment).

Let’s see what’s in store at the huge inflatable play space at Bouncy Paradise!

Bouncy Paradise largest inflatable indoor playground in Singapore opens with 20 rainbow slides, trampolines and bouncy castle galore all for $15!
Bouncy Paradise inflatable indoor playground in Singapore

Bouncy Paradise inflatables and bouncy castles

Bouncy Paradise is big on colour with lots of bouncing platforms throughout the indoor play area. They had a revamp in late 2022 so we went back to check out the new structures. Gone are the 20 rainbow slides and instead there are more mini climbing walls and jumping platforms.

Rainbow inflatable steep slides

Bouncy Paradise - tickets and info

At the far side of Bouncy Paradise is a wall of new rainbow slides – five different colourful slides to zoom down at exhilarating speeds! Cross your arms here as you really do go fast (our 8-year-old tester found these too scary so be warned) and you’ll see evidence of the speed with all the colour markings at the bottom of the white slides – friction burn in colour. We have been alerted to some mishaps here due to the speed here so do be cautious!

Xtra Bounce Zone

Bouncy Paradise tickets and opening hours

There are no more mini trampolines at Bouncy Castle. Instead you can bounce on bouncy castles that are designed to be soft in areas, and more bouncier in other areas – highlighted in the Xtra Bounce Zone.

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Look out for plus ball pits filled with a sea of balls and an obstacle course made of inflatable structures, plus lots of small climbing walls. After the revamp at Bouncy Paradise we noticed more opportunities to jump off high ledges and land in a softer inflatable padding area.


Minesweeper at Bouncy Paradise singapore
Beware the Minesweeper at Bouncy Paradise!

The Minesweeper (pictured above however after the revamp this is enclosed for protection) spins around trying to sweep you off your feet unless you duck and dive out of its way! The kids loved this game! Do note as Minesweeper needs to be manned by staff it may not be open at all times during your visit to Bouncy Paradise.

Flying Fox

Bouncy Paradise tickets opening hours

There’s a little flying fox where crew help kids get on and zoom a short distance. Staff need to manage this for safety so do note it may not be open at all times during your visit to Bouncy Paradise.

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Bouncy Paradise opening hours

Bouncy Paradise is currently only open on weekends, public holidays and local school holidays from 10am – 8pm. You can book a 2 hour slot in advance but walk-ins are also accepted at Bouncy Paradise.

Bouncy Paradise Café

Bouncy Paradise largest inflatable indoor playground in Singapore opens with 20 rainbow slides, trampolines and bouncy castle galore all for $15!
Bouncy Paradise café in inflatable indoor playground

A small café is kitted out with ample seating and offers snacks and meals like nuggets, hot dogs and fries.

Sassy Mama Tips

  • Do note that you’ll need non-slip socks to bounce so bring your own.
  • We recommend wearing leggings and even long sleeved t-shirts to prevent friction burn down the slides or while bouncing. As mentioned the slides are VERY steep so be warned.
  • There are crew to keep an eye on safety but we recommend watching your kids closely, as little ones can get lost in the deep ball pits and when it’s at peak busy periods there’s lots of opportunity for head bangs and clashes.
  • The entry price applies to everyone (13 months old and above) who goes inside Bouncy Paradise whether you enter the bounce zone or just sit in the cafe. This is meant to encourage parents to bond and bounce with their kiddos.
  • There are lockers to store your valuables available for rent at $2 for the entire day.

Bouncy Paradise - tickets and info

Bouncy Paradise Tickets

How much: $19 (for 2 hour slot) per entry adults and children over 13 months old. Kids below 12 years old require an accompanying adult.
Bring: Non-slip socks
Opening Hours: 10- 8pm  weekends and holidays only

Bouncy Paradise, 200 Pandan Gardens (PeopleUp Enrichment Hub), Singapore 609336,

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