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AIRZONE: The World’s First Indoor Suspended Net Playground at City Square Mall

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Thrill seekers, get ready for a playground in the air!

AIRZONE is now open at City Square Mall! Older kids get ready, this one’s for you! AIRZONE is the world’s first indoor suspended net playground – a net of ropes knitted together to turn the mall atrium space between the different floors of City Square Mall into a playground floating in the air! AIRZONE is an elevated playground with different zones – there’s one access (you need to climb up a rope bridge) and one exit (a PVC slide) per floor.

Different Levels of Suspended Play

There are different floors of activities to explore. The first level features a suspended ball pit, bouncy balls and giant Zorb balls. You can climb to the next level and see people above you on the nets and below you in the shopping mall. Originally designed as “safety nets” for trapeze or ‘high wire’ circus acts, the suspended nets – we have been assured – are strong enough to suspend two fully laden Singapore passenger buses lying on their sides! You’ll need to get used to the unique astronaut-style “space walking” experience.  We tell ya, it’s a full body workout holding your balance and climbing up the levels – much harder than it looks!

airzone city square mall

“Drowning” in Balls

The ball pit is super fun to launch yourself into – you can get literally lost in hundreds of blue and white balls which is why we recommend staying close to small kids. Our 3-year-old got completely immersed in the balls and was a little anxious about not being able to pull herself up to her feet due to the bouncy nets. We know there’s a video going around about “drowning” in the balls; you can definitely still breathe under all those balls, but it can feel scary not being able to get back on your feet yourself, and our 3-year-old struggled to balance on her own. There’s a reason kids under 7 absolutely need to be supervised.

High Up

On the highest Level 5, “Airstronauts” can navigate an obstacle course of small paths and slopes in the Maze Zone. If you’re scared of heights, proceed with caution – it’s a long way down mama! AIRZONE is a fun challenge and a great experience, for the young and the young at heart. There is no specific age requirement, only that guests should be able to support themselves and walk unaided. Our 3 year old found this too difficult as the nets at AIRZONE are very bouncy and as younger guests cannot be carried in the arms of parents or guardians, we think older kids will enjoy this great experience more.

airzone city square mall net playground


The only way out of each level is down a slide – there’s one for each floor and the highlight of the attraction takes you down a giant slide from Level 6 to Level 5. Note that the slides are PVC and not actually that fast so even smaller kids can do this easily on their own.

Quick Details

  • Open to all ages (as long as kids can walk unaided)
  • Best for: Ages 4 and up
  • Older kids (6+) up to adults may get the most out of it.
  • There are lockers to store your belongings, watches and anything sharp (empty your pockets!)
  • You’ll be given shoes to borrow if your shoes don’t have closed toes – we’d recommend coming prepared with your own shoes that have some tread on their soles to make climbing easier.
  • Wear trainers, trousers and long sleeves to avoid rope burns
  • Price: $20 per person big or small for a minimum of 30 minutes*, and $65 for a special 4-sessions pass for Singapore Residents including Permanent Residents and Pass holders. Meaning that as an individual you can come 4 separate times or redeem one of your sessions with a friend or family member and share the fun together. Sessions are also available to book online at, where you can book a slot at your preferred time.
  • *Session times may vary and are inclusive of your safety briefing, the time taken to get on the net and playtime on AIRZONE.

AIRZONE, Level 2 City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208539 ,

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