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PiPPER STANDARD Natural Cleaning Products: A healthy environment starts at home

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PiPPER STANDARD, the new player on the natural cleaning products scene, brings innovative technology and the amazing power of pineapple to fight allergies!

In the back of our heads, we all know that traditional household cleaning products contain all sorts of nasties to make them as effective as possible. While many of us simply grin and bear it, some people’s bodies flat-out reject them: a severe allergic reaction to chemical cleaning products is what inspired one husband and wife team to create PiPPER STANDARD Natural Household Cleaning Products, a new line of natural, allergen-free, petrochemical-free, safe, biodegradable household cleaning products made from pineapple.

If you didn’t know, mama, pineapple has a powerful natural ingredient that can be substituted for normal chemical surfactants. What’s more, PiPPER STANDARD’s pineapples are sourced from local farmers in Thailand, where they help support the local rural community. Fermented pineapple fluid is highly effective, giving PiPPER STANDARD major pineapple power, mama!

We’ve had a chance to try out their full range of products, including Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, Stain Remover, Floor Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Dishwashing Liquid, and the results were fantastic. Not to mention our house smelled great! (Multi-purpose cleaner, liquid hand soap, and bathroom cleaner are all coming soon, mama!) The dishwashing liquid is so safe, in fact, that you can even use it to wash your fruits and veggies (just use one pump of soap per litre of water).


PiPPER STANDARD’s flagship products – the Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener – are both hypo-allergenic and non-irritating, as certified by Dermscan Asia after clinical trials (did we mention this innovative all-natural technology has nabbed four patents in the U.S., with even more global patents pending?). What this means is you can actually wash baby clothes and adult clothes together!

That’s right, mama: PiPPER STANDARD is powerful and safe enough to be a fab product for the whole family – how psyched are we to cut our laundry cycles in half?!

With allergy and asthma rates on the rise across Southeast Asia – 40% of adults in Singapore suffer from them – PiPPER STANDARD is all about improving people’s lives by removing potential allergy hazards from the home. Check out how it’s already improved quality of life for one mama and son here in Singapore:

Ready to see the difference of pineapple power for yourself, mama? PiPPER STANDARD has just started delivering directly in Singapore! You’ll definitely want to check out their Facebook page for promotions and helpful cleaning hints.

140903-SM-FoodieRoundUpStickers-Perk-greenSassy Mamas who register to PiPPER STANDARD’s website will get an exclusive 10% off their first order! Just enter the promo code SASPIP0816 to start experiencing the natural power of pineapple at home, mama!

We all know the ultimate test for cleaning products comes down to effectiveness. We’ve been seriously amazed at PiPPER STANDARD’s efficacy; the fact that it’s helping to rid our home of dangerous chemicals and make it a safer place for our kiddos is the cherry – no, pineapple – on top. A healthy environment starts at home, mama!

PiPPER STANDARD Natural Household Cleaning Products, Tel: (+65) 3159 1063 or email [email protected]

Brought to you in partnership with PiPPER Standard. 

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