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Can Social Events During a Pandemic Still Be Fun? Nexus International School (Singapore) Says YES!

Nexus International School Merlion Fundraiser
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The success of Nexus International School (Singapore)’s Merlion fundraiser proves how challenges can be overcome with the right mindset. $4000 funds raised and the school’s community boosted – here’s how!

We are all aware of the strict safe distancing rules during the pandemic, so does that mean the fun is over? Nexus International School (Singapore) has never been one to back down from a challenge, and its recent Merlion-themed fundraiser proved that public events can still be a success, with the right organisation. Here’s how Nexus got it right and how their Merlion fundraiser lifted their community’s spirits and raised over $4000 for charity.

Nexus International School Merlion Event

Merlion event: dress-up fundraiser & art therapy

So how did Nexus International School (Singapore) pull off this successful and fun event? The school’s staff got together to brainstorm creative ideas that would bring the community together safely and give back to society – something that’s in line with Nexus’ ethos. The school partnered with local art initiative Lion’s Pride – Art from the Heart! and Crayola for a special Merlion-themed, dress-up fundraiser.

Nexus students came dressed in their version of Singapore’s iconic Merlion – or their very own “Singapore Story” – with each child donating $3. Nexus also designed a little pop-up stall retailing cute Merlion figurines from Lion’s Pride, and students could choose to paint the figurines (either in school or at home) with their own designs or do so digitally on their iPads. Parents joined in on the fun as well, and had their own painting sessions in their parent groups outside of school.

Nexus International School Merlion Fundraiser

Giving back in tough times

Nexus International School (Singapore) drew inspiration for their fundraiser from each part of what the Merlion represents – the strength of a lion with the grace and poise of a mermaid – in hopes that it would reflect in the Nexus community, especially in such uncertain times. Social distancing measures were put in place at all times, and the school managed to raise more than $4000 from the dress-up fees and Merlion figurine sales. The sum was donated entirely to the President’s Challenge and their selected charities.

It wasn’t just a way to do their part for charity; rather, the fundraiser provided Nexus’ families with some much-needed art therapy, allowing them to find inner calm and express themselves through painting. Better still, the Merlion fundraiser allowed the Nexus community’s spirits to shine, despite all the safety and social distancing measures, which is proof that there is really no challenge tough enough for Nexus International School (Singapore).

Want to see Nexus in action? Email [email protected] for a glimpse inside the campus and to see how the school does things differently.

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