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Meaningful, Quality Education at Between Two Trees Preschool

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Singapore might have even more preschools than shopping malls, but what sets the good ones apart? Teachers? Facilities? Curriculum? We suspect it’s some combination of ‘all of the above’, but when you’ve found a good school, mama, you usually know it.

We’ve heard nothing but great things about Between Two Trees Preschool on Holland Road and its newly-opened (in 2015!) sister school, Between Two Trees Early Learning School at Dempsey Hill.

“B2T” emphasises quality, meaningful education. They’ve put real thought behind those words: quality comes through with highly-qualified teachers (all holding at least a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field), small classes, and a constantly emerging curriculum tailored to each child’s needs and progress.

Reggio inspired project learning (1)

The school backs up its meaningful learning philosophy with the conviction that each child is competent and capable. With a Reggio Emilia approach that emphasises investigation and a project-based curriculum, children begin to collaborate and communicate in the learning process.

To prepare kiddos for more formal education down the track, Between Two Trees interweaves focused enrichment of languages and math within their emergent curriculum – meaning they build naturally on the interests of the children to introduce these vital subjects in an exciting and interesting way.

Each child develops a lifelong passion for learning that results from such a holistic, active, creative and well-rounded introduction to education.

Our Small Schools

Kids as young as Nursery 1 are exposed to reading and writing in both English and Mandarin, while Pre-Nursery students (from 18 months on) have an exciting music and movement programme all their own.

Throw in cookery, drama, sand and water play, visual arts, and gardening – all in an aesthetically pleasing environment filled with plants and natural materials – and it’s no wonder Between Two Trees has a waitlist and only limited spaces available!

To find out more about this truly special place, mama, email or give them a call to schedule your visit.

Between Two Trees Preschool, 7 Ming Teck Park, Singapore 277375
Tel: (+65) 6733 9768 or email [email protected] 

Between Two Trees Early Learning School, 73 Loewen Road, Singapore 248843
Tel: (+65) 6509 8296 or email [email protected]

Brought to you in partnership with Between Two Trees Preschool  

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