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Parents and Kids, What’s YOUR COVID-19 Story? Share It At ‘Stories Of Us’

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Calling mums, dads, and kids! Come together with the community and share your stories and feelings about living through COVID-19. Read on as mother and daughter share their feelings of shock, fear, sadness, and gratitude.

How are you and your kids hanging in there? This pandemic has been tough on us all – we have survived weeks of the necessary Circuit Breaker, our kids (and us parents!) have made it through learning from home, and many of us are still working from home. There have been lots of challenges throughout that have tested our resolve but there have been some ups as well. Our kids have shown such resilience, wearing masks with no fuss, missing birthday celebrations, and accepting this crazy ‘new normal’. We have spent more time than ever in our close family units and gotten to know our kids and partners in new ways. We have learnt to be grateful for so many things we had previously taken for granted. But how have you felt?

stories of us pandemic MCCY

Share your story at ‘Stories of Us’

What are your feelings living through the COVID-19 pandemic? And how about your kids’ thoughts? Connect with others and share your stories at

stories of us pandemic MCCY

Nadia and her daughter Surina share their thoughts about COVID-19:

“In the beginning, I felt like COVID-19 was a faraway misfortune happening in another country. And when it made its way to Singapore, I was still feeling quite protected from it. It still didn’t seem real at the time. When the pandemic started affecting Singapore I felt quite shocked. This was really happening, where I always felt so safe, all my life growing up here. I did however trust that our country could handle this – and whatever came our way – and would do everything to protect us, its citizens and all residents who choose to call Singapore home. I’m so blessed that I have an older kid – she is 9 years old and she coped with HBL brilliantly! It was such a relief but I did feel for my friends with younger kids who struggled to balance helping their kids with HBL and their own work.


I have to say though that we did quite enjoy the extra time we had as a family. Because we were restricted in our movements, I wasn’t running around to multiple meetings a day like I usually do, and could finish my work faster. This meant I could spend the rest of the time doing what is most important to me – being with my family. We’re so happy to be able to venture out a little more now in 2021, and we’ve already booked a staycation on Sentosa Island that we can’t wait to go on! We won’t be making any travel plans yet though, and that’s OK, we are in no rush. But the first stop will definitely be to visit our kids’ grandparents in Europe!” Nadia, Singaporean, mum of 2

“COVID-19 made me feel sad because it took the lives of so many people. I hope everyone with COVID-19 can recover and the disease will stop spreading” Surina, Singaporean, aged 9.

Have a story about COVID-19? Here’s how you can share:

Head over to and pen down your family’s thoughts and feelings about COVID-19, or even upload pictures and videos that best tell the story of your experience so far. Whatever you and your kids have been feeling, the good (empathy, hope, gratitude, and happiness) and the not so good (frustration, anxiety, and sadness), all feelings are valid and important to acknowledge.

Let’s all come together as a community to share our stories so that we never forget what we felt during this period and what it all meant to us.

Brought to you in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY)

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