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A Letter from the Editor: Results of the Sassy Mama Readers’ Survey

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Readers’ Survey. Here’s what we found out, what we’re going to do about it, and the winner of the $10,000 Phuket villa getaway!

Happy fall, mamas! With September in full swing Halloween is legitimately around the corner and even the c-word (that’d be Christmas) is already on our radar. Whew! But before we bid a fond farewell to summer, we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in our readers’ survey last month. We found out a whole lot more about our audience (almost an even split between Singaporeans and expats) along with what you love – and would like to see more of – in Sassy Mama Singapore.

First of all, we were thrilled to hear that just about all of you would strongly recommend Sassy Mama to a friend (we are totally blushing, you guys!). The #1 reason that most mamas visit the site is to find out about new places (like playgrounds, shops, and restaurants), so we will keep on keeping our ears to the ground and pounding the pavement to keep you informed about what’s hot (literally and otherwise) in The Little Red Dot.

Other major draws to the site are activities with kids, expert adviceand travel ideas and inspiration. At the same time, we hear you loud and clear through your comments that you’re especially keen on free activities, and would like to see travel ideas that suit a wide range of budgets.

Some of the most interesting comments related to That Mama and our Mama Meet Ups. While a number of respondents mentioned loving the inspirational stories behind many of our That Mamas, there were also multiple requests for featuring more “regular moms”. While I would argue that there’s really no such thing as a regular mom, we’re currently putting together a new series called “Day in the Life” where moms across Singapore will be invited to share their daily routine. Women here lead truly extraordinary lives, and we are all for sharing the true breadth and depth of experiences. If you’d like to be featured in “Day in the Life”, please let us know by email at [email protected] (put “Day in the Life” in the subject line).

As for Mama Meet Ups, a number of commenters mentioned being shy or intimidated by these events. Personally, as someone who interacts much more openly behind a keyboard than I do in person, I totally hear you mamas, but here’s the thing: our mama meet ups are all about really fun activities for your kids. Even if you’re super shy about interacting with other mamas, they’re worth going to because your kiddos will have an awesome time, and you might even be surprised at the connections you make! On another note, we absolutely want to recognise working mamas and are doing our best to create more weekend events that cater to working families.

There was also some feedback about blurred lines between paid advertisements and independent reviews. To be clear mamas, in order to support the site we do run advertorial content, but we strive to only promote companies and services that we truly believe in for our audience. Our paid posts are denoted as scoops (look for the little icon at the very top of the post, and the Brought to you in partnership with… disclaimer at the bottom) for total transparency.

We do get invited to test out and review heaps of products, restaurants and activities in Singapore — but we only write about the ones we legitimately like and endorse for our audience. We also welcome freelance contributions from mamas who want to write about topics we haven’t covered — please feel free to let us know at the email address above if there’s something you’d like to write about! In the meantime we will keep working to secure more exclusive discounts and bonuses for Sassy Mama readers, just as you’ve requested.

Finally, it’s abundantly clear that you love our giveaways! That is great, and we will be sure to keep them coming. Besides our monthly giveaways, our pregnancy club giveaways, our Netflix subscription giveaways and our frequent Facebook giveaways, we’ve also got biggies like the 12 Days of Christmas (already in the works for this year, and oh man do I wish I could enter!) and of course the prize for this very survey, the $10,000 Phuket Villa Getaway. First of all, mamas, let me say that we’ve heard your feedback and will try to be more transparent about announcing winners: we are currently putting together a Facebook album that features our most recent winners and will continue to update it going forward. For right now, let me be the first to congratulate the Phuket villa winner, Eileen Tan!

Thank you so much again to everyone who took the time to respond to our survey, and please know that you can contact us any time with feedback at [email protected], or by Facebook message if you prefer. Rock on, mamas!

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