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IB? AP? Either Way Stamford Students are A-OK!

students in a secondary classroom at stamford american international school
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A Stamford American International School student tells us how the MYP prepared him for the rigors of the IB Diploma

When choosing an international school in Singapore, a common source of stress for parents is fretting over whether they’re selecting a curriculum that’s the right fit for their child. There’s IB, AP, A-Levels, IGCSE, various national curricula…how can you be sure that one in particular will suit your child’s learning style?

Refreshingly, at Stamford American International School, you don’t have to choose! Stamford is the first and only school in Singapore to offer students aged 18 months to 18 years the opportunity to pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB DP) OR the Advanced Placement (AP) Diploma – in addition to graduating with a US-accredited Stamford High School Diploma!

students in a secondary classroom at stamford american international school

In the lead-up to high school, Stamford Middle Years students enjoy a concept- and inquiry-based curriculum using the framework of the renowned International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP). The IB MYP aims to teach students to become motivated learners who embrace challenges with creative and critical thinking, and to develop the problem-solving skills needed for success in our ever-changing, complex world. It also gives schools the flexibility to adopt the curriculum which meets their needs — for example, the American standards at Stamford.

This continues on to Grades 9 and 10, as students prepare for the IB DP in Grades 11 and 12. We caught up with current Stamford Grade 12 student Jordan to hear how the MYP helped his educational journey:

“The MYP places a strong focus on reflection as a component of every assignment,” he tells us. “Through this, I was allowed to develop critical thinking skills around how my own choices influence outcomes. This was particularly useful in components of the IB DP such as the Extended Essay and CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service). The MYP also provided me with a solid foundation in every potential subject choice, and as a result, I was able to start the DP with my best foot forward.”

a student presenting his IB DP final project at stamford american international school

“The MYP is also a really good indication of the grading practices in the DP; learning how to achieve different levels of the grade bands gave me an understanding how how I should approach assignments in the DP.

“Finally, the culminating project of the MYP, the Personal Project, provided me with an opportunity to think independently and explore an area of my own personal interest. This took my learning in the area I chose – environmental sustainability – to a deeper level. This also led to the basis of my Extended Essay in the DP, wherein I combined this topic with another class I take, Economics.”

Thanks for chatting with us, Jordan! Want to learn more about the extraordinary academic opportunities at Stamford, mama? Visit their upcoming open house on 16 April! See below for all the deets and your chance to register. You can also book a tour or apply online today! 

All the details!
What: Elementary & Secondary Open House at Stamford American International School
When: Tuesday 16 April, 9am
Where: Stamford American International School Elementary and Secondary Campus, 1 Woodleigh Lane (off Upper Serangoon Road), Singapore 357684
How much: Free!
RSVP: Click here to register! Or call (+65) 6602 7247 for more details

Stamford American International School, Tel: (+65) 6602 7247,

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