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Oh, the Places You’ll Go: Meet a Stamford American Graduate Doing Big Things in the UK

stamford american graduates from the class of 2019 at their graduation ceremony
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Ever wonder what international school students do AFTER graduation? Stamford American graduate Kiera Stevens reflects on how Stamford American prepared her for the next chapter

We spend lots of time singing the praises of international schools in Singapore, from their amazing facilities to endless academic offerings to stellar teachers, but did you ever wonder what their lucky students managed to actually do with their excellent educational opportunities?

We did! So we talked to 2019 Stamford American International School graduate Kiera Stevens, who just completed her first term at the University of Bristol in the UK (her first-choice university, nbd!).

stamford american international school alumniKiera, who is South African, reflects on how much she appreciates her teachers and diverse set of friends (Stamford students come from 75 countries all over the globe!), as well as how well Stamford’s International Baccalaureate (IB) track prepared her for university. In fact with its multiple graduating pathways – including the IB, Advanced Placement (AP), and even a blend of both – Stamford American has created a fully inclusive and welcoming educational environment that prepares its students, no matter where in the world their adventures take them.

Keira has already started making a name for herself in Bristol’s musical theatre department, and credits Stamford’s extensive extra-curricular activities – including theatre and the performing arts – with setting her on that path.

What have you been up to since graduating from Stamford?
After graduating from Stamford in the summer, I moved to Bristol, UK in September to study Psychology with Education. With the University of Bristol being my top choice university, it was an absolute dream to finally be in the city starting my degree. With the buzzing theatre and music life, as well as the incredibly quirky personalities that roam the streets, it’s definitely been the city for me since the beginning.

My university is located in the heart of Bristol and is comprised of a wonderful mix of old and modern lecture buildings. The university is surrounded with wonderful, quirky shops and cafes which definitely keep us all entertained.

stamford american international school alumni kiera stevens friends

The first few months of my degree, thanks to the IB, have been relatively easy and two out of three of my units this term have been review of IB content which is a dream. Research Methods and Statistics has been a combination of IB maths and psychology whereas Introduction to Psychology covers a majority of Year 1 IB Psychology content. I spent a majority of my time in the IB calling TOK [Theory of Knowledge] pointless, however, it’s been an incredible asset to have when addressing lecture content through multiple lenses, and I couldn’t be more thankful to have that skill in my toolbelt.

Along with meeting crazy amounts of new people – where your three main introductory questions would consist of “What’s your name? What do you study? And where do you live?” – I joined the musical theatre society at the university to throw myself back into theatre culture.

stamford american international school alumni kiera stevens

I was incredibly lucky to be cast in the first show I auditioned for, where I got to play Martha in Heathers. I didn’t it realise was a dream role of mine until handed the opportunity to play her, even if it was just for ten minutes. Through the show, I got to meet so many wonderful people and it was an experience I could not be more grateful for.

What do you miss most about Stamford? What advice do you have for current students?
If there is anything I miss from Stamford, it is definitely the people. If I could go back and tell myself a few things at the start of my senior year, it would be the following: Firstly, use your teachers and squeeze every ounce of knowledge out of them while you can, they are your greatest resource.

stamford american international school alumni kiera stevens friends

Secondly, cherish every moment and every memory with your friends because in the blink of an eye, you’re turning your tassels and throwing your caps. Thirdly, don’t overwork yourself and stop stressing because everything will be fine. As Ms Stein said to me once, You are going to get into university, you are going to get a good job, and you are going to be okay. And finally, look after yourself, study hard and be kind to yourself!

What did SAIS provide that you feel will help you the most in your life?
Stamford taught me to be incredibly independent and how to work collaboratively with other people with contrasting opinions. These qualities will help me most at university as I will be going to a very diverse school.

Thanks for your time, Kiera, and best of luck in your future endeavours! 

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