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Little Ones Can Build Robots, Play with Mud and Get Active Through Sports at Shaws Preschool!

Shaws Preschool Kids Playing Outdoors
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Looking for a preschool that nurtures kids so they’re ‘future-ready’? Shaws Preschool adopts play-based learning to teach life skills, executive function skills, and early engineering concepts through CodePlay, sports, and hands-on activities!

Wouldn’t be great if kids were having so much fun at preschool that they were learning without even realising it? That’s exactly what’s in store at Shaws Preschool, Singapore’s first play-based preschool where top-down teaching is replaced with play as a learning experience! Here, kids have the freedom to express themselves, learn to work as a team, and acquire educational and emotional skills that will prepare them for their future education and life beyond academics. Because life is so much more than textbook knowledge, sports and outdoor play are integral components of the curriculum to instil healthy habits for an active lifestyle at a young age.

A holistic curriculum for future-ready kids

Every parent wants what’s best for their child, and choosing the right preschool sets the foundation for the future. Because kids are intuitively curious by nature, Shaws Preschool creates a holistic learning environment by integrating essential life functions into their curriculum and giving them the opportunity to explore and learn through play. With several spacious and welcoming campuses across the island, kids can run wild and free and have fun at facilities like a toddler gym, water play, garden, sandpit, mud kitchen, and playground.

Shaws Preschool Little Girl Outdoor Water Play

Empowering kids with life skills beyond academics

While some parents may be concerned that play-based learning will not equip little ones for primary school, Shaw Preschool strategically embraces a well-rounded approach to learning that focuses on the trifecta of learning through play for IQ, essential life skills for EQ, and executive function skills to demonstrate the real-life applications of IQ and EQ. With the kids’ well-being and best interest at heart, this curriculum ensures that little ones graduate from kindergarten ready for primary school (local or international).

CodePlay equips preschoolers with programming skills through play

Shaws Preschool kids playing in the garden

The rapid advancement of technology demands kids to be well-versed with coding in order to be successful in the future. Because of this, CodePlay is one of the core aspects of the curriculum at Shaws Preschool that teaches basic programming skills and computational thinking through fun games and simple tasks that break down basic pre-coding concepts. Whether it’s learning how to move their favourite toy across the classroom with a bot or programming a bot to follow a path the kids created themselves, CodePlay provides kids with plenty of opportunities to build, hone their skills through trial and error, and learn how to manipulate simple tech toys to set them up for future success.

So, if you want a preschool that will provide a nurturing environment and lay a future-ready foundation for your child, then book a tour to meet Shaws Preschool’s friendly teachers, explore the exciting facilities, and watch the well-rounded curriculum in action.

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