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Q&A with Graham Franklin, Teacher & Grade Level Leader at GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

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Find out why this teacher loves teaching at GEMS World Academy (Singapore)!

What is your background and training?
After growing up in Zimbabwe, I went to university in New Zealand. I have taught in New Zealand, England, Dubai and Singapore. I have recently completed a Masters degree in Educational Administration and Leadership.

What made you want to become a teacher?
My mum was an excellent kindergarten teacher. I used to enjoy reading with her little kids when I was a bit older than them. I started coaching sport as a teenager and found that being a coach was great fun. Based on these experiences, I decided to become a teacher once I left school so that I could continue working with students in schools.

What do you love about working at your school in particular?
The families and children at GEMS World Academy (Singapore) are amazing. It is a fantastic community to be a part of. Our teachers are knowledgeable and passionate – we learn a lot from each other.

What is your take on ‘21st-century learning’?
At GEMS (Singapore) we believe that learning is no longer just about developing and assessing knowledge. Schools need to be explicitly focusing on students developing and improving their skills. Things like communication skills, self-management skills and thinking skills are important to focus on with children, alongside their knowledge development.

What is your favourite kind of activity to do with your students?
Anything involving student agency. Giving children ownership of their learning can be extremely powerful and motivating for them. We often see children progress and develop quicker when they genuinely feel as if they have a say in what and how they are learning.

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