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5 Preschools Share Their Tips for Fun Kids At-home Activities (w/Free Printables!)

lorna whiston preschool activities kids at home activities
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Want us to keep the activity ideas coming? Some of Singapore’s top preschools share free printables with fun, easy kids at-home home activities below!

From painting to making goop and getting your hands dirty in soil, are you ready for some activities to give your kiddos hours of fun, mama? We chatted up these top preschools in Singapore to get their tips on how to keep your littlies occupied with fun, stimulating kids at-home activities to do while we’re all staying home!

Sand, Gravel and Soil Activity by MapleBear Singapore

Take your child on a journey of exploration with MapleBear! Their Discovery of the World for Preschoolers activity using sand, gravel and soil creates a sense of wonder and joy that forms memorable learning about soil and its vital role in our food supply chain. The journey begins with introducing soil in the garden and the elements of the seemingly humble material. Seriously fun, the edible soil cups will extend the learning into a delightful sensorial experience. Afterwards, a craft time will help your child build another layer of comprehension about the soil elements. By the end of the learning activities, your child will be able to iterate what soil is and the four layers that form it.

The fun they experience along the way may even evoke further curiosity that leads them to further explorations about soil and our food production: conservation of soil, alternatives to soil in food production and so forth. This home learning journey will be a wonderful time for your family and ignite the love of learning that sets a good foundation for your child’s future!

Full instructions available here!

MapleBear Singapore, Tel: (+65) 9777 4866, [email protected],

Jackson Pollock-Inspired Action Painting Activity by Children’s Cove Preschool

Kids aged 2 to 6 years old can get creative with this painting activity! Inspired by American painter Jackson Pollock and his revolutionary Abstract Expressionism art movement, little ones are encouraged to get messy and create their very own masterpieces. This activity will help kids understand Abstract Expressionism, an art that shows emotions and ideas through non-representational forms.

Materials required:
– Paint Brushes
– Paper
– Acrylic paints (let your kiddo choose their favourite colours!)

– Pour, splash and splatter acrylic paint onto drawing paper!

Children’s Cove Preschool, Tel: (+65) 6737 1690, [email protected],

lorna whiston preschool activities kids home activity ooblek

How to Make Goop (Ooblek) by Lorna Whiston

Engaging your child in fun and meaningful ways helps to establish a stronger bond for parents and children. Lorna Whiston Preschools’ mini-master lessons include this fun guide on how to make goop! Let your child explore the world through their senses and learn more about their home surroundings and the environment through activities that encourage the use of sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.

Did your kiddos have a blast? They can do even more with Lorna Whiston’s exciting Enrichment Mini-Master classes, which are available for children who attend full day at the preschools. The enriching mini-master classes expose children to a stimulating range of learning experiences through Art and Craft, Speech and Drama, Chinese Arts and Culture, Music and Movement, Fun with Phonics classes and more, all of which are integrated into the preschool curriculum at no additional cost!

Full instructions available here!

Click here to redeem ONE FREE Online lesson with Lorna Whiston Schools! (*Terms and conditions apply*)

Lorna Whiston, Tel: (+65) 6871 8844, [email protected],

josiah montessori egg home activity kids idea

Egg Peeling Activity by Josiah Montessori

This egg peeling activity is perfect for infants age 7 to 18 months to develop their fine motor skills! With a hard boiled egg, let your little one touch, peel, smell and break the egg. They can even discover the texture differences between the egg yolk and the egg white. This will help with focus and concentration, exposure to different textures, sensory development and language development (great for parents to point out the different parts of the egg: shell, yolk and egg white)!

Josiah Montessori, Tel: (+65) 6336 6906, [email protected],

repton schoolhouse at home preschool activities

Rainbow Craft Activity by Repton Schoolhouse

Repton Schoolhouse has just launched The Repton Rainbow Project. Rainbows have become a symbol of hope in many parts of the world during the Covid-19 pandemic, so children and their families are invited to create their own Rainbow of Hope. Feel free to use any materials, make your own design, and maybe even include a message reflecting your desire to bring hope and unity in the face of these trials and challenges!

Full instructions available here!

Repton Schoolhouse,

Lead image courtesy of Lorna Whiston 

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