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Can’t Decide Between a ‘Large’ or ‘Small’ School? Here’s How to Find One That’s Just Right

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There are so many considerations when choosing an international school for your child! One of them being the size of the school. So which is better, large or small?

Starting your kid out in a school that’s suitable for them makes all the difference in how their education journey will pan out. And it all depends on what’s important to you in a school! Do you prioritise personal relationships with teachers and fewer students, or a bigger variety of programmes and better school recognition? Keep reading for the advantages of large and smaller schools, plus we introduce you to a school that’s ‘just right‘!

Benefits of Small Schools

Strong personal relationships

With smaller cohorts, most students would know each other even across grades! This cultivates a stronger sense of community in the school, decreasing the chances of bullying and other tensions among students. Teachers are also most likely to know every student, so they can discuss the best ways to connect and work with students among each other.

A more intimate setting

The environment in a smaller school is less intimidating overall, which can be helpful for students finding their footing after having just transferred from a different country or transitioning to ‘big’ school.

Better teacher and parent engagement

Teachers are able to work more closely with parents to support the learning journey of their children in a smaller school. Thanks to this, you’ll likely be closely connected to the teachers and leadership teams in the school – this also means more personalised feedback and advice for kids.

Benefits of Large Schools

Better variety of academic programmes, extra-curricular activities and facilities

Schools with large student populations are able to offer more varied programmes and activities, due to a higher likelihood that there is sufficient interest in specific subjects and activities to make the offering feasible. Large schools are also able to invest in larger facilities and purpose-built learning environments, exposing kids to state-of-the-art equipment to aid them in their school experience.

Diverse experiences among students

More students = more diverse backgrounds! A larger student population means children get the opportunity to not only make more friends, but also meet peers from different backgrounds, so they can foster better social-emotional development.

Brand recognition and prestige

Large schools tend to be more recognised among tertiary schools, universities and companies. Going to a school with strong brand recognition and prestige may benefit your child as they apply for further studies or jobs in the future!

XCL World Academy exterior

Is There A School That’s ‘Just Right’?

If you can’t choose between a large or small school (and we don’t blame you – there are so many great benefits to each one!), you could look for a school that offers the best of both worlds! XCL World Academy is one such school, offering endless opportunities and top-notch facilities, while being small enough for faculty to know each student by name. This community-orientated international school for students aged 2 to 18 offers a holistic and rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) education where students can benefit from strong academics and personalised learning.

Students will benefit from both small class sizes with inspiring and highly qualified teachers and a modern campus with many of the latest facilities. Despite its sprawling campus, the school capacity is capped at about 1,600 students to preserve the small school feel. There’s also an internal nationality cap in place to ensure that the school remains diverse. No single nationality comprises more than 15% of the school’s population! There are currently over 60 countries represented in the student body.

As an IB full-through school, XCL World Academy adheres strongly to the principles of the IB programme to equip children with the essential academic and life skills to prepare them for the demands of the next stage in their education and eventually, employment. The school prioritises every child’s comfort and makes sure they feel safe and confident in school. Check them out for yourself and book a personalised tour at XCL World Academy for a chance to speak to the school’s educators before you make your decision!

XCL World Academy, 2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6230 4230,

Brought to you in partnership with XCL World Academy

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