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ISPA Launches Famed Australian International Girls Choir Programme: No Auditions Required, Register Now!

International School of Performing Arts
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International School of Performing Arts (ISPA) launches famed Australian International Girls Choir programme in Singapore! This unique all-female education empowers girls plus no auditions are required – all girls are invited so register now!

Got a little Kylie Minogue or Taylor Swift at home? Or are you looking for a programme that nurtures young girls and gives them a boost of confidence? Well, girls can get ready to unleash their inner superstar (no matter their skill level) because the International School of Performing Arts is bringing the Australian International Girls Choir – an all-female performing arts education to Singapore this June! We explore this unique education model that requires no auditions to join (a first for the local choral scene!) and is celebrated for nurturing musical and social growth in thousands of girls worldwide. Plus, there’s a special treat for Sassy Mama readers when you register for their June Open Day!

40 years of empowering girls through music education

International School of Performing Arts

The International School of Performing Arts started with The Australian Girls Choir (AGC). Established in 1984, AGC comprised just 150 girls and has since expanded to a membership of 6,500 over four decades. These young stars have showcased their talent on various stages across the world, including renowned venues like the Sydney Opera House, The Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, and the base of the Statue of Liberty! Their talents have also captivated audiences at major cultural and sporting events such as the Australian Open and Melbourne Cup. Additionally, they’ve had the honour of performing for distinguished figures like Queen Elizabeth II, Nelson Mandela, former President Barack Obama, and many others.

Recognising the AGC’s achievements, founder Judith Curphey OAM was inspired to broaden access to similar opportunities through the Australian School of Performing Arts (ASPA). Since its establishment, ASPA has delivered diverse programs across Australia, including music programmes, school productions, concerts, and holiday camps. With a proven record of empowering thousands of girls socially and musically, it is now gearing up to expand its reach to Singapore this June, through the launch of the International School of Performing Arts and the Australian International Girls Choir (AIGC).

All girls of all skill levels are invited – no auditions required!

International School of Performing Arts
Bringing its esteemed international reputation to Singapore, the AIGC will offer the same single-sex education model, aiming to empower young musical talents with the belief that their voices can achieve their goals. Built on inclusivity, AIGC adheres to the philosophy that “every child can learn to sing given encouragement and training,” inviting girls of all skill levels to participate without the need for auditions—a unique offering in the local children’s choral scene. This inclusive approach fosters individual growth within a supportive, non-competitive environment, ensuring that whether you’re new to the music world or can confidently hit high notes, you’ll feel right at home in this globally acclaimed programme.

The programme’s comprehensive approach guarantees that students not only refine their vocal abilities, musicianship, and performance skills but also cultivate essential social skills. From enhancing their confidence and honing public speaking abilities to fostering resilience, emotional well-being, and teamwork, participants undergo a holistic transformation. In fact, glowing testimonials from parents who have enrolled their daughters attest to the remarkable improvements observed in their children.

Free trial class: International School of Performing Arts

International School of Performing Arts

Is your daughter ready to shine? The Australian International Girls Choir invites parents and their daughters aged 5-12 to their Open Day on Saturday, 8 June and Sunday, 9 June! Explore ISPA’s offerings, meet tutors, and discover the benefits of its renowned music programme!

Plus, Sassy Mama readers get to try a free class to experience AIGC’s magic firsthand. Book now for your free class at the Open Day.

International School of Performing Arts, [email protected],

Brought to you in partnership with International School of Performing Arts.

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