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Pet-friendly Fur-Repellant Bamboo Bedding for Pawrents & Kids: Furify (+ Get 20% Off)

furify bedding for humans
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Has co-sleeping with your furkid become a furry mess? Do you love the cuddles but not the bedsheet clean-up? You’re going to want to know about Furify natural bamboo bedding with fur-repellant qualities (+ get 20% off)

If you love having your furry friend snuggle on your bed (but you don’t love the fur left behind), you’re not alone. Research shows that more than half of all pet owners share their bedroom with their pets, and there are a variety of benefits that come from co-sleeping with a pet. Animals can improve our mental health: studies have linked human-animal interaction to a lowering of depression and the stress hormone cortisol. Owning a pet can even lower your blood pressure. Since one of the main reasons people get a pet is for the emotional comfort of physical touch, it makes sense that cuddling at night with your dog or cat gives you a sense of comfort and security. And the benefits go both ways, as pets bond more closely when they cuddle with their owners.

But sleeping with your furry friend can make it a challenge to keep your bedding hygienic and can require frequent cleaning of linens. Experts recommend that we wash our sheets once a week, and even more frequently if we share our beds with our pets, but most people tend to wash only about once a month. Now home textile company Furify provides a solution to pet owners who do not want to compromise on their family’s hygiene while co-sleeping with their pets!

Furify: 100% natural bamboo bedding with fur-repellant qualities

furify- pet-friendly bedding for humans

Pawrents can enjoy Furify’s 100% natural bamboo bedding which has temperature-regulating, anti-snag, moisture-wicking, fur-repellant qualities. Bamboo is also naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antibacterial, and it repels bugs and dust mites. Get peace of mind as you or your kids cuddle with your furkid, knowing the amazing fur-repellant properties of bamboo bedding will keep your sheets in better shape.

Want to see for yourself? Have a look at the Fur Repellant Bamboo Sheet and Duvet Set. Furify is all about loving pets well, so the colour schemes chosen for their line of bedding come from colour theories for pets, intended to enhance comfort and reduce stress for any pet.

furify bedding for humans

Bamboo sheets are not only more hygienic, but they’re also great for sensitive skin, which is a common concern for our little ones (research shows that nearly 35% of children sleep with their pets). In Singapore’s warm and humid climate, Furify’s temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking bedding will ensure a cool, comfortable sleep for humans and furkids alike. Heading to cooler climes? No worries, the bamboo bedsheets also keep you warm in winter weather!

Get 20% off Furify products

Ready to make the switch to more comfortable, more hygienic pet-friendly bedding? Check out Furify’s line here or on social media @shopfurify. Furify ships to most countries worldwide so their products also work as gifts for anyone, anywhere!

Use our special discount code SASSYMAMA to get 20% off all products.

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