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Discover ICS’ Excellence in Education and Community Plus Meet New Director Mr Darryl Harding

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Tiny, but mighty! Known for their 30-year commitment to excellence in education, community and leadership, International Community School (ICS) introduces new Director, Mr Darryl Harding

The foundation of any excellent school is its leadership team. Since opening its doors in 1993, International Community School has been making great strides to foster a nurturing learning environment and growing a global community. They are the proud recipients of the ‘Best Small School’ award in Singapore, which is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence, all thanks to their impeccable leadership. Taking their school to the next phase of achievement, they welcome Mr Darryl Harding as the new director, who comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the educational space and is also a dad of two! Learn more in the video below and don’t miss their upcoming Virtual Open House (sign up link below).

Outstanding leadership: New Director, Mr Darryl Harding

As the backbone of the school, ICS prioritises maintaining a leadership team with remarkable accolades that will help the community soar to greater heights. 65% of their faculty hold advanced degrees. In light of this, their newly appointed director Mr Harding is eager to reimagine and revitalise their approach to better serve the next generation of students. From exploring sustainable strategies to building an ever tighter-knit global community (read: family!), Mr. Harding is committed to empowering students of tomorrow to achieve their dreams.

Small class sizes and personalised support

international community school students lab

Since every student learns at a different pace, ICS intentionally keeps class sizes small to prioritise personalised education with the guidance and support of their dedicated teachers. Rather than being just a face in the crowd, the teachers at ICS are keenly aware of each student’s unique learning style, strength and growth areas to help them realise their full potential.

Academics is just a slice of the experience at ICS, as students also develop essential life skills like critical thinking, collaboration and adaptability, which will set the foundation for their future success in an ever-changing world.

United global community: More than 30 nationalities

ICS cheerleaders

ICS values true community connection. With students from all over the globe, intentionally fostering a harmonious learning environment, welcoming differing perspectives and celebrating diversity is key. Over the years, they have formed a supportive network of students, educators and parents who continually empower their thriving community. From their annual Carnival to International Night, there are plenty of opportunities for students and parents to come together not only as peers but as one big family to embrace and celebrate their diverse community.

ICS truly has it all! You’re invited to learn more about their holistic educational offering and thriving community at their upcoming Virtual Open House.

Sign up for the upcoming Virtual Open House on Wednesday, April 24 at 10:30am and receive a $500 waiver on your application fee when you enrol your child!

Ready to join the ICS community to empower your child for the future? Email [email protected] to enrol your child.

International Community School, 27A Jubilee Road, Singapore 128575, Tel: (+65) 6776 7435,

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