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How This Preschool Nurtures Well-Rounded Tots Who Love to Learn, Have Opinions & Self-Esteem

Children's Cove Preschool's child-centred approach nurtures kids' self-esteem and curiosity to learn.
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Children’s Cove Preschool’s child-centred approach nurtures kids’ self-esteem and curiosity to learn. Find out how at their upcoming Open House on 9 March!

Are you searching for a preschool that offers more than just academics? Children’s Cove is an award-winning preschool that focuses on holistic development in little ones as young as 2 months up to 6 years old. Their unique COVE™ methodology nurtures young minds to foster curiosity, resilience, self-esteem and a passion for lifelong learning. With six preschool locations islandwide (Jalan Penjara, Orange Grove, Novena, Sembawang, Pasir Ris and Amoy), Children’s Cove is opening its doors to more kiddos to instil a love for learning through child-centred practices.

What sets Children’s Cove apart from other preschools?

Children's Cove Preschool's child-centred approach nurtures kids' self-esteem and curiosity to learn.

Children’s Cove’s COVE™ methodology is an innovative learning approach that stands for Child-Centred, Outcome-Aware, Values-Based and Environmentally-Conscious.
Child-Centred: This ethos is one of the most important aspects of this preschool. Their child-centred approach puts the child at the centre of the learning process and aims to meet the needs of each child. This means teachers listen to each child’s ideas and they become part of the planning so that they can form their own opinion. This empowers children to make decisions, solve problems and grow in self-esteem.
Outcome-Aware: Tots are given practical and relevant lessons throughout the curriculum to ensure confidence and competence.
Values-Based: Since our values define who we are and guide our behaviour, Children’s Cove places a strong focus on character building to nurture children to be caring, confident, creative, curious and competent.
Environmentally Conscious: This preschool sees the environment as an effective teacher and as such, the education integrates indoor and outdoor learning experiences, providing children with a balanced and comprehensive development. Through hands-on exploration in their outdoor gardens, children learn how to care for nature and discover the importance of caring for our environment.

Introducing two new locations: Amoy and Pasir Ris

Children's Cove Preschool's child-centred approach nurtures kids' self-esteem and curiosity to learn.

Children’s Cove is excited to announce the opening of two new preschools at Amoy and Pasir Ris! The Amoy campus, located in a conservation house near Telok Ayer MRT, offers a rare private outdoor space right in the heart of the CBD. Here, children can explore, learn, and grow in a vibrant and nurturing environment that combines the convenience of city living with a commitment to outdoor learning.

Meanwhile, the Pasir Ris campus, situated at 443 Pasir Ris Drive 6, provides families with a spacious haven dedicated to early education. Featuring a vast library and outdoor areas, this preschool campus encourages children to develop a love for reading and exploration in a beautifully designed space that feels like a natural extension of home.

Get 25% off school fees for the first 2 months, and if you sign up by 16 March 2024, you’ll also get a $100 grocery voucher!

Ready to find out how Children’s Cove can help nurture your child to develop confidently and independently? Sign up for a school tour or attend the open house on 9 March to learn more about their innovative approach to early education.

Children’s Cove @ Jalan Penjara, 58 Jalan Penjara, S149382
Children’s Cove @ Orange Grove, 30 Orange Grove Road RELC Building #08-01, S258352
Children’s Cove @ Novena, 11 Akyab Road, S309975
Children’s Cove @ Sembawang, 604 Sembawang Road Sembawang Shopping Centre #03-08, S758459
Children’s Cove @ Pasir Ris, 443 Pasir Ris Drive 6 #03-02 S510443
Children’s Cove @ Amoy, 105 Amoy St 01-01 S069925

Children’s Cove, 6 preschool locations in Singapore, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6655 0077,

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