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Looking for a Fast Track to the World’s Top Universities? August Sign-ups Now Open at Westbourne College (Singapore)

August Sign-ups Are Open for IBDP and IGCSE at Westbourne College
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Westbourne College (Singapore) offers the IB and IGCSE programmes with an aim to develop leaders of the future in STEM and Business careers. Sign-ups have just opened for August 2023 with scholarships available!

If you are looking for an outstanding education for your child with a proven track record (and connections) to top universities in the UK, Australia and the US, you should consider Westbourne College (Singapore). 90% of Westbourne students go to the top 20 universities worldwide, including Oxford, Cambridge and the Ivy League, and students rank in the top 1% of global IB grades. Westbourne College offers a fresh take on education. Gone are the uniforms and the stiff student-teacher hierarchical relationships. Instead, students are on a first-name basis with teachers and are treated like young professionals on their first day of work after university! They offer unmatched networking facilities, global immersion trips to sister colleges in the UK and Sydney, and access to groundbreaking courses, such as Future Leaders Lab – a 5 day MBA-style summer course designed in collaboration with professors from world No1 business school, INSEAD, to prepare students for global leadership positions.

We chat with the Gavin Clark, Principal of this boutique school with small class sizes and a great community to get a feel for what’s on offer at Westbourne College.

Principal, Gavin Clark westbourne college singapore
Principal, Gavin Clark

How did you come to be principal at Westbourne College?

I am an experienced principal, having led in a wide range of contexts. I have considerable experience as a teacher and leader in six different countries, working in my native Scotland, Qatar, New Zealand, Malaysia, Ireland, and Singapore. I have worked with many different curricula including IGCSE, IBDP and many others. My educational philosophy is strongly focused on preparing learners for their futures (not our past). I believe it is our role to empower students to understand the world around them and the talents within them so that they can become fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens.

What is one fun fact about you?

I am Scottish!

What do you love about working at Westbourne College in particular?

I love that we are a boutique, small school enabling us to tailor the teaching and learning opportunities to each and every individual, personalising the curriculum and the opportunities we provide our students. We are part of the world’s first truly global elite network of IB schools, with sister colleges in the UK and Sydney, and a reputation in the UK for over a century of academic excellence. Our unique network of schools, teachers and expertise puts us in the strongest position to furnish students with opportunities and skills to make a real impact on the global stage.

How does Westbourne College differ from other Colleges that offer IBDP?

Westbourne College has one simple and singular purpose: to develop leaders of the future in STEM and Business careers on the global stage. We achieve this by fundamentally reframing the paradigm of what Year 11 and 12 is all about. We operate not as a school in any traditional sense, but more akin to a professional services firm. We treat and engage with all of our students as young professionals; as if they were on their first day of work after university. We work collaboratively with them on a first-name basis, always empowering them to manage their own learning journey.

What are the most exciting facilities at Westbourne College Singapore?

Our collaborative working spaces which mirror a professional working environment provide a superb and future focused learning space. We also provide great networking facilities, including an immersion trip to our sister College in the UK, which was IB School of the Year and consistently ranks at the top of UK academic league tables, and instructional sessions at Oxford, Cambridge, and other UK universities. We also have incredible partnerships with professional firms and tertiary institutions which provide our students with additional facilities outside of our college.

Which universities have Westbourne College graduates moved on to?

Westbourne has a long-standing reputation for outstanding student outcomes, particularly in the fields of STEM, Economics, Business and Law. Over 90% of Westbourne UK graduates achieve university places in the world’s top 20 universities, including attending Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College, London School of Economics, and many others. Our Sydney school has also had excellent success in helping their students to gain places in some of the world’s best universities, and their inaugural cohort shot straight to 1st in Australia for the highest proportion of 44+ IBDP Point grades. No less is expected for Westbourne College (Singapore).

How do you help students to achieve success at Westbourne College?

We have exceptionally small class sizes (1 teacher to 6 students), providing great support to our students. They can access teacher and peer support at any stage throughout the day. Student to teacher interaction occurs everywhere and is not restricted to just the classrooms or to the timetabled lessons. Our core role is to maximise your child’s academic potential and to help them to find the right university and the right course for their future. We have globally focused and dedicated university admission specialists to support students on this venture, and our global study trips to the UK and Australia enable students to visit universities in these countries creating a seamless pathway from secondary to tertiary education. Our global network of IB colleges enables exciting cross-collaboration and knowledge sharing opportunities – which no other school or college is doing in the same way – encouraging students to think braver, bolder and achieve their biggest ambitions.

Keen to learn more about how Westbourne College (Singapore) can develop your child’s strengths? Get in touch now! Applications open for August 2023, with a range of scholarships available.

Westbourne College Singapore, 491 River Valley Rd, #16/03, Singapore 248371

Brought to you in partnership with Westbourne College

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