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Is Your Child Too Young to Have a Phone? Why the imoo Watch is the Answer

imoo watch review singapore kids smart watch
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From the creators of OPPO and Vivo, comes the imoo Watch – the newest smartwatch for kids that lets you contact them anytime, anywhere. Plus don’t miss our imoo Watch promo code for a 5% discount!

We’ve heard it from parents of older kids before: wait for as long as possible before giving your kids a phone. And it’s not unfounded advice. Giving a child a mobile phone can come with all kinds of potential issues, especially if they have internet access – from social media to gaming, contact with strangers or scammers and more. However, as much as there are dangers to owning their own mobile phone, us parents still prefer the assurance that we can contact our kids and know of their whereabouts anytime, whether it’s tracking their journey home from school or where they are after their enrichment classes or extra-curriculars. So what’s a good middle ground?

A smartwatch may be the answer, but not just any smartwatch – a smartwatch for kids. Cue the imoo Watch. This smartwatch for kids has all the connectivity of a phone, without the uncontrolled access to platforms like YouTube, social media, websites, or malicious calls.

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imoo watch review singapore kids smart watch video call
Easily make HD video calls on the imoo Watch

How The imoo Watch Works

All you have to do is get a compatible Nano SIM card, download the app on your phone to bind the imoo Watch, then start loading up all your child’s important contacts to the smartwatch. Only numbers that have been added to the imoo Watch can contact your child, making it safe from unknown numbers or spam callers. Plus, there’s a nifty ‘reject unknown call’ feature too.

With an innovative flip camera featuring up to 8MP front and rear dual cameras, you and your kiddo will enjoy HD 2-way video calls anytime! You can even switch from one camera to another remotely from the imoo app, allowing you to see your child’s surroundings as you chat.

Can’t monitor their location in real-time while you’re busy working? Get notified when they enter or leave preset locations with the Security Guard function – you’ll hear a ping when they’ve arrived or left home or school.

imoo watch review
Kids can take photos and videos with the dual HD wide angle cameras on imoo Watch

Key Features: Cameras, Water-resistant, GPS Location

The imoo Watch Z6 is the first kids’ smartwatch in the world to adopt the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, the top wearable watch processor brand, which allows for dual HD wide angle cameras of 5MP (front) and 8MP (rear) to capture fun moments with their friends or film their own vlogs! Unlike other kids’ smartwatches with low camera resolution and narrow angles, this highly efficient processor sets the imoo Watch Z6 apart from other kids’ smartwatches in the market. Plus we can’t emphasize enough how reassuring it is that there’s no access to external apps like a mobile phone offers so your child won’t be on social media or playing online games with this device!

When kiddo is in class, there’s a ‘Classs Mode’ setting on the imoo Watch so they are distraction-free. Did we mention it’s water-resistant too? The imoo Watch Z6 has a water resistance rating of 20 meters, allowing usage of light water activities so kids can jump in the pool without worrying about taking the watch off and losing it.

If you’re still on the fence, you’ll be glad to know that imoo Watch is one of the most widely used kids’ smartwatches in the world with millions of users. It’s the only watch phone brand for kids that has their own R&D team, owned by BBK Electronics Group, which is also the parent company of mobile phone brands OPPO and Vivo.

The imoo Watch is well worth the investment to ensure your kids are safe and contactable anywhere they go. Make sure to use the promo code below to buy the imoo with a discount.

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