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Wondering How to Teach Your Child Life Skills That Go Beyond Academic Success? Game Plan Coaching Has the Answer!

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Here’s how Game Plan Coaching is equipping children with life skills that propel them towards academic success and lifelong fulfilment

In the classroom, children are often focused on mastering the school’s curriculum so they can ace their examinations and earn the required grades to keep moving up the academic ladder. But more often than not, children aren’t being explicitly taught how to learn successfully, say the experts at Game Plan Coaching. This Australia-based company says that the key to successful learning is more than just hitting the books.

They believe that children also need to be taught important life skills such as effective planning, organisational skills, managing stress, building relationships, and implementing feedback. By equipping children with these undervalued soft skills, they’ll learn how to combat stress, which, in turn, boosts their overall wellbeing and keeps them at their best in school and in the real world. But how is Game Plan Coaching helping children hone these skills?

Game Plan Coaching - Life skills for students

Teaching useful life skills

Game Plan Coaching offers personalised coaching sessions for children between the ages of 15 and 18 through virtual platforms like Zoom. Their holistic coaching programmes are designed by a leading teacher and psychologist, offering students detailed insight into building the skill sets they’ll need to thrive. The programmes essentially help children develop the necessary habits and routines they’ll need to create their own personalised learning system. This helps them achieve their optimal academic performance while maintaining their positive wellbeing, too.

Game Plan Coaching

The right connections

According to Game Plan Coaching, personal connection lies at the heart of success. That’s why each student is matched with a coach that has a similar academic background and shared interests. Who are these coaches, you ask? The coaching team comprises recent high-performing graduates who are outstanding role models. They understand what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive environment, making them fully equipped to guide others through their learning journeys.

The skills your child learns through Game Plan Coaching’s programmes aren’t just something they’ll utilise in school either. Ultimately, they’ll be able to use these skills in their daily life, too, which will better equip them to manage themselves independently and face life’s various challenges head-on.

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