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Invictus International Preschool Celebrates Diversity and Community: Personalised Tours Open Now!

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Looking for a preschool with a diverse learning environment, an international curriculum and a real community feel that embraces diversity? Invictus International Preschool invites you to find out for yourself what makes them so special

Previously known as White Lodge International Preschool and Childcare and building on its 21 years of foundation, Invictus International Preschool provides a trusted and affordable preschool education. Invictus International Preschool prides itself on its diverse learning environment and a proven international curriculum taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers. There’s a strong community feel at each of their preschools, as educators place an emphasis on involving parents in their child’s development and learning at school. At Invictus, your family will be part of a meaningful community, where you’ll get to be involved throughout your child’s learning journey! They are also one of the few preschools to offer an individualised learning experience tailored to every child’s skills and needs.

Two new locations plus a new Forest School!

Each Invictus International Preschool location has something different to offer, ranging from indoor or outdoor sandpits to herb gardens, a special children’s library, a play kitchen and an indoor gym. One location even has a flying fox! For a more fully immersive outdoor preschool experience, you can consider Primus Schoolhouse Phoenix Park and its very own Forest Preschool Programme. Here, children can learn hands-on and practical life skills through outdoor play where there is a real focus on the environment and well-being.


Flexible programmes to suit your child

What every Invictus International Preschool centre has in common is the caring staff who will offer each child a personalised learning approach that caters to their needs. Invictus International Preschool has introduced new programmes designed to accommodate both children and parents at every stage of their child’s development, from 18 months to 6 years old. Parents can choose between Childcare and Kindergarten, and flexible programmes with half-day or full-day options for 2, 3 or 5 days a week.

Encouraging international diversity

Teachers at Invictus International Preschool celebrate international diversity by offering a learning environment where children are encouraged to discover, explore and celebrate different cultures. Mandarin classes go beyond just building a strong foundation in the language and instead are designed so that children get to appreciate and understand the culture as well.

Keen to hear more? Why not book a visit to experience an Invictus International Preschool near you?

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Brought to you in partnership with Invictus International Preschool. Invictus International Preschool has recently been rebranded from White Lodge

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