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You’re Invited: Explore a Holistic Education & American Curriculum at ICS (Singapore)’s Virtual Open House

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Ever wondered how a holistic education can nurture your child’s mind, body, and spirit? Join ICS (Singapore)’s Virtual Open House on 19 April to find out about student support services (plus get $500 off admission fees!)

A fully accredited K4 to Grade 12 international school in Singapore, International Community School (Singapore) (ICS) offers an American curriculum with academic excellence as one of its core values along with personal excellence, caring community and a Biblical worldview. Here’s how ICS promotes a holistic education approach with its four core values, nurturing students to excel academically and all the while choosing to ‘be kind over being cool’. Plus don’t miss ICS (Singapore)’s upcoming virtual open house on ‘Providing a Holistic Education for Your Child’ on 19 April!


Academic excellence

ICS is one of the few international schools on the island to offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses. These advanced-learning courses are paired with the school’s existing curriculum. While standard subjects like the Sciences, Maths and English Language Arts are compulsory as part of the curriculum, students can choose to tack on AP Physics or Physics Honours, for example, or pick between signing up for traditional Algebra or AP Calculus. This way, your child’s learning path is flexible and tailored to their passions and interests. As a standards-based teaching and learning school, ICS ranks well in both MAP testing and PSAT scores, as its students often score well above the national and worldwide averages.

ics american curriculum

Personal excellence – going beyond grades

It’s no secret that a healthy body and mind is just as important as grades, which is why ICS invests in its students’ wellbeing through fitness, counselling and mentorship. ICS is committed to supporting students’ well-being, offering counseling, academic support, and health and wellness services. The school offers a CrossFit programme to students – it is personally helmed by ICS’ Principal, Mr. Darryl Harding. The programme has borne positive results for the student body’s physical, mental and emotional health, and students have walked away from it equipped with discipline, determination and a newfound appreciation for hard work.

ics american curriculum

Building a caring community

ICS uses outward and inward care to truly educate its student body, and service learning is one of the ways it practises outward care. One of the school’s strongest pillars, service learning is done through ICS’ Week Without Walls programme. This unites the middle and high school divisions, moulding them into globally-minded citizens that are compassionate.

During this week ICS sends teams all over Singapore partnering with various Singapore NGOs. ICS’ students volunteer for local beach clean-ups, participate in in-school maintenance projects and conduct small group projects with the elementary school students. Inward care is practised through small class sizes, ensuring personalised attention for each student, and through intentional mentorship from ICS staff and teachers; they make it a point to know each student that walks through the school’s gates.

Pathway to Success: Thriving in and outside the classroom

ICS has dedicated counsellors in elementary, middle, and high school to help students through any issues they may face, spending much of their time in one-on-one sessions with them. Dr. Helen Rader (ES-Counselor) and Ms. HaYoung Jung (MS/HS Social-Emotional Counselor) offer students a safe space to navigate their mental health and well-being. Mr. Eric Laug (MS/HS Academic Counselor) assists students in preparing academically for universities, selecting schools that will elevate their educational pathway. Your child will be equipped and empowered with ICS Singapore, the winner of two Singapore Education Awards for the Best Small School and Student Wellbeing.

Want to join this thriving community and experience life at ICS for yourself? Why not sign up for the upcoming ICS Virtual Open House on 19 April? You’ll get to speak with educators to understand how students master lessons under the American curriculum and excel personally.

Here are the details you need to know:
ICS Virtual Open House: “Providing a Holistic Education for Your Child”
When 19 April 2023, 10:30am – 11:30am
Where: Online. Click here to sign up!

All attendees are eligible for a $500 discount on application fees only. Valid until 19 May 2023.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a community where your child can be equipped and empowered for success.

International Community School (Singapore), 27A Jubilee Road, Singapore 128575, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6776 7435, 

Brought to you in partnership with International Community School (Singapore)

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