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‘We wanted to give a real show, a flashy performance, and we did!’ Chatsworth’s Legendary Arts Night is Back!

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What a hit! Chatsworth’s legendary Arts Night is back to celebrate the Arts. From Cappella singing to a visual/audio soundscape around climate change, stunning music and dance performances, and students’ art displays!

The Arts at Chatsworth International School are thriving and are very much integral to the IB curriculum and holistic education offered to its international co-ed community of students. The passion that Chatsworth has for the Arts is clear, as showcased in the dramatic comeback of their legendary Arts Night in December 2022! For the first time in three years, students, teachers and parents gathered in Chatsworth’s new school hall to celebrate the Arts.

Highlights of Chatsworth’s legendary Arts Night

art Night at chatsworth
Year 13 students performed a visual/audio soundscape around climate change

An energetic DJ set the scene, and for the next 90 minutes, there was singing, drama performances and celebrations of student work. Amongst the many highlights, diploma students performed a visual/audio soundscape around the important theme of climate change; the secondary choir entranced with Cappella singing and Year 10/11 drama students presented striking interactive skits.

Interspersed throughout the Arts Night were videos showcasing Arts units and visually stunning music and dance performances.

Amazing art paintings by Year 10 students on display

Here’s what Chatsworth students had to say:

“It went really well. What we wanted to do was give a real show, a flashy performance, and we were able to achieve that. A bit of showmanship and flare. It was a really energetic performance, because of the confidence amongst the members. You can tell when a musician is confident when performing. I look forward to more to come.”
– Scott, a Year 11 student

“It’s cool for me. It’s an innovation because nobody has done it before. I didn’t feel nervous at all, but it was exciting. My friends encouraged me – it was a great atmosphere to perform with the music and lights.”
– Jason, a Year 11 student

Teachers and students celebrate their passion for the Arts

Students at Chatsworth express their passion for the Arts in different forms.

Chatsworth’s talented Arts teachers contribute to the culture of Arts appreciation and also perform during special occasions – recent highlights include a primary/second band performance on the last day of term and a wonderful dance performance, now an annual tradition, at the December concert.

Timothy Shelly, Head of the Arts and Design said “We are delighted to be able to present our legendary Arts Night for the first time in three years. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase their work, celebrate their passion for the Arts, and inspire the younger Chatsworth community. They have worked very hard in the realisation of this performance and displayed remarkable confidence and showmanship which I and the teachers in the Art and Design department are incredibly proud of.

Keen to see how your child can benefit from a well-rounded curriculum that celebrates the Arts? Get in touch to book a tour with Chatsworth!

Chatsworth International School, 72 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore 289760, Tel: (65) 6463 3201, [email protected]

Brought to you in partnership with Chatsworth International School.

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