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See the Beautiful Red Lacewing at ‘Butterflies Up-Close’ this CNY

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Auspicious Red Lacewing Butterflies take centre stage at Science Centre Singapore this Lunar New Year

As we celebrate the arrival of another happy Lunar New Year, mamas, bring your little ones to visit the beautiful Red Lacewing butterflies, the stars of the Butterflies Up-Close exhibition currently on at Science Centre Singapore. Besides being strikingly eye-catching, Red Lacewing butterflies also have one of the most elaborate wing patterns of all butterflies in the world!

Newly-opened in 2016, Butterflies Up-Close is Singapore’s first indoor butterfly sanctuary, and is geared toward children aged 3 and up. Home to hundreds of colourful butterflies from 16 different species, it’s a beautiful flower garden alive with fluttering wings amidst the lush greenery. All butterflies come from Singapore and around the region.

Mamas, take time to smell the flowers and admire the butterflies flying from flower to flower as the iridescent scales on their wings catch the light — it’s truly an amazing sight to behold.

Besides the sanctuary, the exhibition also features interactive displays where kiddos can get to know everything about butterflies. ‘Race’ with your children at the Caterpillar Race section while learning about the form and movements of caterpillar, or study real butterflies up-close and magnified under a microscope at the Research Pod.

Kids will also learn about the metamorphosis of butterflies, including the four stages of life cycle from eggs to adult butterflies. It’s like The Very Hungry Caterpillar come to life, mama!

How do these delicate butterflies survive in their environment? Learn more about their special survival features at the Tilt-tilating Butterfly.

For little ones who loves butterflies – or those just getting to know these enchanting beauties – come and visit the Red Lacewing butterflies in this Happy Lunar New Year celebration.

Beat the queue and book your tickets through SISTIC! An additional $10 admission charge for Butterflies Up-Close applies in addition to Science Centre admission rates.

Science Centre Singapore, 15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081, Tel: (+65) 6425 2500,

Brought to you in partnership with Science Centre Singapore

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