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Holistic, Bilingual Chinese Learning from the Sports Field to the Stage

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There’s so much more to bilingual learning than simply speaking a different language. In harmony with the IB framework, Hillside World Academy aims to educate the whole child

Renowned as one of the top truly bilingual international schools in Singapore, Hillside World Academy prides itself as being a place Where a second language becomes second nature.

At the core of this is the fact that Chinese language learning extends far beyond the classroom. For instance, all sports instruction is conducted in both English and Mandarin, helping students learn to think in both languages. HWA offers a wide range of sports, too, including badminton, martial arts, soccer and squash.

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The same goes for fun after-school cultural activities, including dance, calligraphy and cultural arts. This is not only an important component of absorbing Chinese culture, but HWA also cites research from Stanford University that found cultural learning – when started from a young age – helps children adopt important soft skills such as resilience, flexibility and adaptability. The ability to code switch is a hallmark of an HWA education.

Along these lines, HWA students have the unique opportunity to do cultural exchange programs, including to the prestigious Huijia International School in Beijing, one of the top five international schools in China.

Meanwhile, the HWA curriculum incorporates cultural hallmarks such as Chinese poetry and songs. The takeaway for students is not simply language learning; along the way they build relationships and develop a unique process in which they truly engage with the material, and each other.

This is in keeping with HWA’s unique adherence to the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework at all levels, from the early years through to Middle Years and even the IB Diploma. Similar to the cultural code-switching students undertake with language, the IB approach encourages them to focus on empathy and consider the varied backgrounds, emotional states and intentions of their fellow students.

Pastoral care is at the heart of HWA’s approach; students are seen not just as an entity, but are treasured and looked after by an entire team of educators, including teachers, coaches, counsellors and administrators. It’s all a reflection of their commitment to the IB philosophy and its dedication to a child’s wellbeing.

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