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Did You Know That AIS Offers IB and HSC? Their Holistic Education Includes Sports, Art & Student Wellbeing

HSC and IB at AIS
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Discover a nurturing haven at the Australian International School (AIS), where academic excellence meets holistic development!

Are you looking for a well-rounded yet rigorous education that will launch your child towards success in life? Australian International School (AIS) offers two programmes—an IB Curriculum as well as the Higher School Certificate (HSC)—giving your child the best possible preparation depending on what’s right for their future. If it’s a rounded holistic education that you’re after, you’ll want to know all about AIS’ two pathways together with the arts, sports, wellbeing support and their overall ethos that embraces character development and moral growth to ensure students feel happy, healthy, and safe.

IB programme at AIS

Did You Know That AIS Offers IB and HSC?

If you’ve heard of the IB program but don’t know much about it, here’s a quick primer: the IB program is offered at AIS in the Primary Years Program (PYP) for children aged 6-11 and the Diploma Program (DP) for students in their last two years of school. For the IB Diploma Program, students focus on six academic subjects over two years. Students also have three core components: Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay (EE), and Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS). TOK helps students to cultivate critical thinking skills, encouraging intellectual curiosity across all their academic disciplines. EE is a research paper on a topic of special interest to the student. It’s approximately 4000 words and gives students a taste of what they might experience as they research and write at the University Level.

Finally, the CAS encourages students to find balance between their academic pursuits and the rest of their lives, teaching students to make creativity, community service, and physical activity a regular part of their lives. It opens their minds to other ways of learning. The IB program is internationally recognised and esteemed, and accepted at leading universities worldwide. What we love about the program is that it intentionally builds skills that your child will need in the future: critical thinking, creativity, and research-based writing.

Higher School Certificate (HSC) at AIS

Australian International School’s 2023 IB Results Are Out

The IB Diploma program isn’t the only pathway towards academic success at AIS. AIS also offers the internationally recognised Australian Higher School Certificate (HSC). The HSC is also a two year program that covers a range of subjects, including English, Mathematics, Sciences, and electives. However, rather than choosing one subject from each ‘group’, students can create a program that suits their needs and interests from all subjects (with the exception of English and Mathematics, which are compulsory). In the HSC, students can elect to specialise in the Maths and Sciences, or in the Arts and Humanities, or choose a range of subject groups.

The HSC includes options for Vocational Education and Training (VET), designed for students who seek immediate entry into the workforce upon graduating. The VET gives students exposure to real-life work environments, training, employment and building skills relevant to specific industries. Read a comprehensive comparison of both programmes at AIS here.

Holistic education and focus on student wellbeing

Did You Know That AIS Offers IB and HSC?

At AIS, arts and sports are as highly valued as academic excellence, and the school fosters a values-based environment to encourage character development and moral growth. AIS has fab state-of-the-art facilities and beautiful learning spaces for students of all ages. From tennis courts to a swimming pool, an Athlete Development laboratory, and performing art studios, there are facilities to nurture each child’s skills and interests.

What’s more, AIS takes their student’s wellbeing seriously knowing that higher psychological and emotional wellbeing leads to greater academic achievements. They have a comprehensive Wellbeing Team led by qualified educators and professionals to provide extensive support and guidance, ensuring students feel happy, healthy, and safe so that they can thrive.

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