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Walking The Talk: How International French School (IFS) Teaches Kids to Be Environmental Advocates

International French School - Sustainability Projects
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Teaching kids is all about role modelling and International French School (IFS) is showing their students that looking after the environment is a top priority. They’ve 1,180 solar panels to generate 900 MWh of clean energy for a reduced carbon footprint!

Equipping children with future-ready skills goes beyond core academic topics. It also includes teaching our children what it means to live responsibly and take care of the Earth through practical day-to-day sustainability like using renewable energy and nurturing environmental consciousness. Apart from being a multicultural and bilingual school with unique learning opportunities, International French School now prides itself in being a sustainable school through its newly installed solar panels that will reduce its carbon footprint by 350 tons per year, which will have an impact on the fight against climate change and shows their students what it means to take action.

Solar Panels for Renewable Energy

International French School - Solar Panels
Image Credit: International French School

They have installed 1,180 solar panels to take advantage of solar energy on our sunny island that will generate more than 900 megawatt-hours (900MWh) of renewable electricity every year. This will not only help power the school’s daily operations, but it will also significantly reduce the school’s carbon footprint and join the global efforts of sustainability to prepare a brighter future for our children.

Sustainable Development Education for a Better Tomorrow

In addition to laying the essential linguistic, academic, and social foundation through its holistic French curriculum, students will also get to learn about sustainable development through ongoing projects and workshops. This October, each class selected one eco-delegate who would participate in events and seminars on global issues surrounding sustainable development, while other students learned how to care for the Earth through gardening and composting, to name a few. Thanks to the new solar panels, students will also get to learn more about how the solar panels work, how energy is stored and how it is converted into usable electricity, foundational knowledge that can be applied to STEM.

Find Out More at the Upcoming Open House

International French School - Sustainability Projects
Image Credit: International French School via Instagram

The best way to discover how your child can thrive at IFS is to see for yourself. Register for an upcoming open house, where you’ll get to learn more about their educational offering and how the teachers integrate sustainability projects into the French curriculum throughout the school year. Tour their gorgeous campus that features state-of-the-art technology suites, science labs, swimming pools, climbing walls, multiple outdoor playgrounds, and of course you’ll get to see those solar panels for yourself as well as meet their friendly team of educators who passionately invest in their students every day.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to register and find out how their unique curriculum will equip your child with future-ready skills.

International French School, 3000 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, Singapore 569928, Tel: (+65) 6805 0000,

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