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‘Yes! Oui! 很好!’ This French International School Now Offers a Fully Trilingual Programme in French, English & Mandarin

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French international school La Petite Ecole has just launched a dynamic French, English and Mandarin programme for preschoolers!

Since its opening in 2012, French international school La Petite Ecole has offered bilingual teaching of the official French curriculum in French and in English. After successfully introducing Mandarin to students from 3 years old in 2018, they’re now ready to open their first fully trilingual programme in French, English, and Mandarin in January 2023!

Trilingual programme from January 2023

La Petite Ecole currently welcomes children from N1 to P2 at its sprawling campus in Bukit Timah, and plans to extend all the way to P5 in the coming years. Like all schools of the Odyssey group (which they’re a part of), La Petite Ecole is accredited by the French Ministry of Education and a partner of the Agency for French Education Abroad. It’s also registered under the Committee for Private Education in Singapore.

The new fully trilingual programme in French, English and Mandarin will start in January 2023 with the 3-4 years age group. All preschool levels will be opened progressively to allow the students to carry on learning in all three languages for the duration of French system cycle 1 (N2 to K2).

Preschool is an ideal time to introduce multiple languages

Learning three languages from such an early age may seem daunting to parents who have grown up in a monolingual environment, but studies have shown that children who grow up in a supportive environment speaking more than one language are more perceptive. Plus, multilingualism practices enhance both intellectual flexibility and creativity. It’s been proven that the child’s brain is most receptive to the construction of the multilingual skill – la compétence plurilingue – before the age of 7. The preschool cycle therefore constitutes the ideal time frame to introduce more than one language to your developing child.

Thanks to a highly competent staff experienced in co-teaching and organising the alternation of languages, you can trust La Petite Ecole to provide a high quality, immersive multilingual learning environment for your children.

La Petite Ecole’s Bukit Timah campus

Did we mention La Petite Ecole’s campus consists of so many fun facilities? There’s an outdoor playground, PE room, library, and access to nearby facilities such as the Aqua Ducks swimming pool and football pitch! Outdoor play has an essential place in the school’s pedagogy (generally play-based, engaging activities prevail, with limited use of worksheets) and the children go out daily, when the weather permits it. In the outdoor space, kids have the freedom to play on a playground structure, small bicycles and tricycles, floor games, building blocks, a basketball hoop and mini football cage!

Want to learn more? Simply fill up this form and La Petite Ecole’s team will contact you shortly!

La Petite Ecole, 2 Turf Club Road #01-13, Singapore Singapore 287988,

Brought to you in partnership with French international education group, Odyssey

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