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Kiddy Fun in Turf City: A (kind of) Peaceful Pastel Soft Play!

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Despite Turf City’s tarting up and re-branding as The Grandstand, it still draws extreme reactions from those mamas who aren’t fans, so much so that when I was brand-new in Singapore I was almost a bit scared to venture there! When I did I was glad I’d made the trek, despite the fact that there are still huge areas of the inside which are a bit like a building site, and if you happen to take the wrong elevator, you’ll be doomed to wander (screaming toddler dragging behind you) in the bowels of Turf City for all eternity.

So all the above is a long-drawn-out way of warning you to take the correct lift up from the first floor where you enter (the one with all the restaurants on) up to Kiddy Fun. It is lift number 4, next to Giant Supermarket.

psb14Once you arrive at Kiddy Fun, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by the fact that it’s a little bit different from your run-of-the-mill soft play, with pastel colours, mechanised climbing equipment, a balloon-blow space (we’re not quite sure how to describe it!) and lots, lots more (including cafe area which helpfully is actually right next to the play area so you can supervise while seated).

You might find that littler ones are initially a bit wary of the more interactive pieces of equipment, which my daughter branded, “scary”. They’ll soon warm up when they get their bearings however, though mama might need to show them how to use the equipment, quite a difficult feat when there are signs saying, “No Adults. Kids only!”. There’s plenty else to keep them occupied  though in terms of blocks, bricks and a ball pool.

psb21There are quite strict signs everywhere about “No Outside Food and Drink”, and a little selection of juice packets, muffins and snacks on offer, but the cafe within Kiddy Fun is not as sophisticated as the one at Fidgets nearby, though infinitely more comfy with its soft, squidgy sofas.

Drop-in rate of $12 for under 18 months, $18 for over 18 months (recommended for up to 8 years old). Membership packages available. **Remember your socks mama!**


Kiddy Fun, #04-04/05 Turf City, Singapore 297994
Tel: (+65) 6463 7028

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