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The City at Liang Court: Role Play Fun!

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We’ve been trying to shake things up a little lately and not just do same old, same old when it comes to playrooms. Thankfully there are a wealth of options out there for us (check out our Sassy Mama Playroom Guide for the full scoop!) and this week we decided to check out The City at Liang Court. Styled as an “interactive playground”, the unique selling point of The City is that there are different sections of the space set up as mini, real-world scenarios, including a Supermarket, Police Station, Coffee Shop, Beauty Salon and Doctor’s surgery.

As you enter and hand over your money, the staff will tell you “please don’t take the toys out of each different space”. “Ha”, you think, “good luck with that!”… After indeed, after five minutes of telling your child not to take the truncheons out of the police station, or trying to wrestle a plastic cucumber out of their tiny hand as they hurtle out of the grocery store, you kind of give up and let the surreal chaos ensue. Firefighters go wild in the aisles, nurses feed their babies coffee at the café and princesses romp through the schoolroom. It’s all good fun, though we did raise a bit of a judgey-mama eyebrow at the fact that the police station has toy guns in it.

11The good thing if you’re after a play room where you can get a bit more involved in actually playing with your little one is that the setting lends itself to being very hands-on. There’s plenty of scope for role-play, and kids just love the supermarket in particular: filling their cart, waiting at the check-out, being both shopper and cashier (and robbing the cash register!). If you’re looking for a bit of a mama catchup though, it’s not quite as ideal socially as you can’t keep an eye on the kids from the cafe-style space with chairs and tables. The kids can duck out of view rather too easily, so you will end up on your feet (or knees!) helicoptering a bit.

5All in all, The City is a great one to add to your Rainy Day Roster – it’s a little something different from the usual soft play routine, and judging from my daughter’s tears when we had to leave, a huge hit with the kiddos.

Under 1 years old free, under 2 years old $18, over 2 years old $22 for unlimited play. Membership packages available. **Remember your socks mama!**

The City
#03-04A Liang Court, 177 River Valley Road, Singapore 179030
Tel: (+65) 6250 6507

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