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Affordable and High Quality IB Programme? Get Both at GIIS (+ Scholarships worth 80% off Tuition Fees)

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GIIS’s IB Programme is one of Singapore’s most affordable (plus find out about their scholarships to get up to 80% relief on tuition fees!)

A K-12 international school in Singapore, GIIS offers students a balanced foundation that comprises excellent academics and a focus on sports, arts and skill development. There are multiple curricula options such as the IB Primary Years Programme, IGCSE and CBSE, and the coveted IB Diploma Programme (IBDP). The IB Programme at GIIS provides students a well-rounded experience without breaking the bank.

Strong support for eager learners

GIIS’ IB Primary Years Programme is inquiry-driven and fosters curiosity and independent thinking in young learners aged 5 to 10. Their IB-certified teachers are very passionate in the way they facilitate the PYP, and students are offered multiple second-language options to choose from, with a music, dance and visual arts curriculum embedded in the programme.

GIIS’ IB Diploma programme has been offered since 2007, and 60% of the IB-trained faculty are examiners, too. The school’s IBDP results rank highly in Singapore – their average score is consistently higher than both the local and international average – and they have had 70 IB world toppers and near-perfect scorers in the last decade, including 16 world toppers and 9 near-perfect scorers in 2021 alone.

The reason for this is simple; students are given plenty of dedicated support to successfully complete the required six subjects from different subject groups and the three core components of the IBDP: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and CAS – Creativity, Activity and Service.

Cutting edge tech and facilities at affordable fees

IB students at the GIIS Smart Campus also enjoy cutting-edge tech to aid their studies. Digital classrooms and over 40 skill-based studios like the Design and Tech Lab, Radio and TV studio, Ceramics Lab and the Culinary Lab allow students to explore, innovate and collaborate. Through a rigorous holistic curriculum, dedicated support from teachers, world-class technology and facilities, they are prepared to be 21st century citizens who can innovate, lead and thrive in a fast-paced global economy.

Scholarships at GIIS

The IB PYP at GIIS costs approximately $21,000-$22,000 yearly, which is nearly 40% lower than some other international school fees for the IB PYP. In addition, the school offers multiple scholarships to help lessen the financial load. The scholarships offered include the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship, Dr APJ Kalam Global Skills Scholarship, Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values (Merit-cum-Means) Scholarship and the Global Future-Ready Merit Scholarship for all Grades from 1-12.

In fact, the scholarships on offer can provide up to 80% relief on tuition fees. This means you can still give your child an education that’s internationally respected without fretting over the costs. To ensure that every student receives a fair shot at these merit-and-means tested scholarships, GIIS bases the selection criteria on both academic and non-academic talent.

GIIS Smart Campus

Visit the School

Want to see if GIIS is the right space for your child to thrive? Sign up for one of their school tours, where you’ll learn more about their IB offerings, explore their modern, high-tech facilities, labs and learning spaces, and speak to the school counsellors to understand the admissions process plus how to apply for scholarships.

Sign up below or for any more info drop them an email at [email protected]!

Dates: Mondays to Fridays
10am, 1pm & 2pm
Click here to book a school tour online.

GIIS SMART Campus, 27 Punggol Field Walk, Singapore 828649,
GIIS East Coast Campus, 82 Cheviot Hill, Singapore 459663,
[email protected], Tel: (+65) 6914 7100,

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