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How to Survive the Great Singapore Sale

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A retail experience is an art form. Being in the know of where the best sales are, where to find what you’re looking for and how to score free gifts while at it are all incredibly important. As someone raised to be a kiasu Singaporean, I want it all, and I want it fast. With the Great Singapore Sale coming up (from 29 May to 26 July), you should know that every store and retailer is different, so you’ll need to strategise accordingly, mama. So, to up your shopping game, we’ve devised a survival guide filled with tips on how you can shop the GSS like a pro.

Make Your Shopping Lists First
Before you head out to the shops, sit down and think through what items you need to purchase. We can’t emphasise the word NEED enough because seriously, do you really want to shop on impulse just because that same top you have on is 40% off? (There are some exceptions to this rule, though). Figure out the must-buys for your shopping trip and make a priorities list. This way, you’re able to zoom in on items that you really need plus you’ll save loads of time waffling about whether you really need that pair of heels.

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Budget, Budget, Budget
Pace yourself and don’t spend all your money in one store! Give yourself a budget for each stop and try to stick to it. This way, you’ll be able to shop for more items with far less guilt. Be sure to remind yourself to never over-spend!

Use Your Credit Card
Make plastic your new best friend. Not only is paying by credit easier, you can also stand to reap the rewards by enjoying rebates, free gifts, further discounts and stand to win $500 cash especially if you charge your purchases to Mastercard! Click here to find out more.

Great Singapore Sale Tips 2

Dress To Shop
Since you’re technically going to war (with the crowds), it’s best you dress for the occasion. Make sure you put on the most fuss-free outfit, something that’s easy to slip on and off to make the changing room experience snappier and more seamless. Avoid apparel with lots of buttons, zips of straps and leave those heels and wedges at home. Step into a pair of your most comfortable flats (like this one here from Topshop) so you can try on multiple shoes with ease. Also, carry along a tote bag, backpack or crossbody bag so your hands are free to browse the racks.

Get Your Timing Right
In order for you to be able to shop at your own pace without bumping elbows with other Sassy Mamas, be sure to avoid shopping at peak hours, especially during the weekends. Try to hit the shops early on Saturday or Sunday morning (weekdays are even better!). It’s worth waking up early based on the lack of fitting room queues alone!

All ready to conquer the shops now? See you at the cash register mamas!

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