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WeBarre Studio: From Pre-natal to HIIT, it’s a fab workout

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Curious about barre workouts, mama? At the new WeBarre studio you don’t need an ounce of rhythm, just the desire to get an awesome workout!

Barre workouts are a worldwide phenomenon at this point, yet the celebrity-favourite (everyone from Natalie Portman to Madonna has bellied up to the barre!) is just getting started in Singapore. Recently the Sassy Mama team had a chance to try out a Fundamentals class at the beautiful new WeBarre studio on Tanjong Pagar Road and, despite coming in with a range of fitness levels and preferences (I, for one, quit ballet after three weeks and was skeptical of anything dance-inspired), we all left feeling energised…and sore!

We all had a lot of fun, too – WeBarre is a workout, mama, but the 60-minute class flew by in comparison to other classes I’ve done in the past, including Pilates, spinning, and Zumba.


WeBarre is the brainchild of seasoned Singapore fitness instructors Linda Lim and Anabel Chew, who met while training under Australia-based master teacher Rachael Fraser. Their dynamic workout is inspired by ballet, yoga, Pilates and strength training, all with an aim toward transforming your body so that it’s toned and fit. The class is thankfully light on choreography, but you certainly do move a lot!

During the class we progressed through a wide range of movements that focused on different body parts: we started with small hand-weights and push-ups to tone the arms, then moved into pliés and other leg movements that looked easy enough but damn! were they tough. It’s all about building strength while moving gracefully with poise, which requires a lot more concentration than your typical workout.


I particularly loved the upbeat soundtrack throughout – with everyone from Nikki Minaj to Icona Pop, a piano-tuned ballet class or new agey yoga class this definitely was not. A major bonus, as my colleague Syazana pointed out, was that singing along to pop tunes made for a great distraction from the temporary agony!

In addition to Fundamentals, WeBarre offers a range of classes for different fitness levels, including HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Signature Multi-Level.

We love their classes aimed specifically at mamas: WeBarre Pre-Natal (a smaller class size to really help you focus on preparing your body for birth) and WeBarre Mums & Bubs (think pliés are hard on their own? Try doing them with a baby in a carrier!). Perfect for babies from about 3-10 months of age (they just need to be able to hold their heads up), this class is so much fun, so cute, and such a fab way to bond with your baby while getting in a workout, mama!

140903-SM-FoodieRoundUpStickers-Perk-greenWeBarre is currently offering a special introductory price for their Pre- and Post-Natal classes: Regularly priced at $38-$40 per class, they’re now just $28 each for a limited time!

If you want to try out WeBarre sans bebes, mama, they also have a rad unlimited 7-day trial for just $49 (that’s $7 a day if you want to really get your money’s worth! Amazing!). Give them a call or visit their website for more deets!

webarre class

After class in the beautiful, light-filled studio, we emerged into the cocoon-like lounge and were treated to refreshing coconut water, then headed back out into the sunshine to get on with our day. The convenient location makes it so easy to squeeze in a quick workout, and the Sassy Mama team will definitely be back again soon (once we can all walk again!).

WeBarre, 86B Tanjong Pagar Road (2nd floor, above Gold’s Gym), Singapore 088507, Tel: (+65) 6221 5539,

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