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Legoland Malaysia: Enter our Brick-Or-Treat Halloween Giveaway

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Take your Halloween celebrations up a notch with “Brick-or-Treat” Party Nights at Legoland Malaysia, mama, and enter our giveaway to win one of five pairs of tickets

I like Halloween. The concept of having kids of all ages all dressed up in anything from cute Frozen outfits, Kylo Ren and Star Wars storm troopers to outright scary ghost and zombie costumes – complete with make-up and fake blood of course – is just fun. And all that just for the sake of candy. I know my kids love going from door to door in our neighbourhood, collecting as much of the loot as they can every year. And yet while it’s sweet to see them have so much fun, the ritual does get a bit mundane year in and year out, when there’s nothing different about it.

legoland malaysia halloween performance

Perhaps it’s true what they say about great minds thinking alike, because Legoland Malaysia was thinking along the same lines and decided to shake things up a bit this year with their Brick-Or-Treat Halloween Nights. That’s right, it’s not just a one-night affair on 31st October, because their Halloween Party nights run every Friday and Saturday in October, with extended park hours till 9pm. Did I mention that any child wearing a costume gets free entry to the park? And, boy, did the small people love that concept. They could actually celebrate Halloween twice – once with their friends at home and once at the spookily dressed Lego Kingdom with Lord Vampyre and his creepy gang.


I thought it was quite cute how the Castle was decorated with large pumpkins, supersized spiders, cobwebs, bats and scarecrows to both scare and delight the kids at the same time. The Halloween events start at 4pm – which is perfect for getting across to Malaysia after school on a Friday afternoon. First off is the Monster March Walk at the park entrance, where Legoland’s staff enthusiastically parade around in different costumes, getting the kids excited for what lies ahead. There’s a whole load of activities to keep everyone entertained, ranging from kids making their own Magic Cupcakes and Potion Drinks, to building Lego pumpkins and bats.

My boys were also quite taken with the interactive “Halloween show” (read: skit) at the Castle with Lego Frankenstein and Green Witch, who are trying to capture the evil Lord Vampyre. Children get to sit right up to the stage and participate the whole way. Once it gets a little darker, I definitely recommend letting the brave, older kids walk around the eerie Miniland, with several zombies and ghouls will be ‘wandering’ around. The dressing up and sounds is fantastic, but it might be a tough too scary for little ones, so make sure you’re close by in case they do get spooked.

legoland malaysia halloween costumes

The highlight of the party has to be the Brick-or-Treat Trail, where children follow a path to visit 10 treat-laden pop-up huts – all of which require them completing an activity before they get to fill up their goody bag with cute treats such as gummy packs, Staedler colour pencils, Milo pencil cases, Ribena bottles and Julie’s biscuits. Our fave activities were bowling, counting the number of bats in the Kingdom’s maze and seeing who could scream the loudest to scare the ghosts.


Funnily enough, the different activities the boys were engrossed in seemed to have distracted them from realising that they didn’t have much candy in their bags. Win-win, I say! The party finally ends at 9pm with the same Monster March walking everyone out of the park – and just as well, because by then my two were ready for bed. There’s something about that Lego bunk bed that actually makes them want to go to bed.

Sounds pretty sweet, right? Sassy Mama is giving away five pairs of 2-day combo tickets to Halloween Brick-or-Treat Nights — worth RM1400 apiece. Click here for your chance to win, mama! Happy brick-or-treating!

Open: Mon to Thu 10am-6pm, Fri to Sun 10am-7pm

Legoland Malaysia, 7, Jalan Legoland, Bandar Medini, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia, Tel: (+60) 7597 8888

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