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The Golden Window of Learning: Raise Bilingual Kids from 1 Year Old

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Want to engage your little one and give them a head start in Mandarin and English even before starting preschool? Don’t miss out on their ‘golden window of learning’

Experts say the first 1,000 days of one’s life is the golden window of opportunity for growth and brain development! That works out to be roughly the first two years of every child’s life, where you can maximise this optimum period to really build a solid foundation for your child in the realm of education.

The Golden Window of Learning (GWL) by The Little Skool-House is based on just that. GWL is Singapore’s first home-based bilingual learning subscription programme for babies aged between 12 to 24 months old, based on a research-backed pedagogy of the Relationships-Based Curriculum by Early Childhood Expert Dr. Marjory Ebbeck. It has a focus on creating strong bonds between parent and child.

The GWL programme is available in Bilingual (Mandarin and English) and Single Language Plans, spanning 12 weeks each. With live virtual classes and on-demand video tutorials, the 12-week programme focuses on building your child’s confidence, facilitating the development of sensory and motor skills and providing a solid foundation for preschool.

As a parent, you’ll learn tips on how to engage your child through interactive activities, and get the opportunity to bond with your little one! GWL gives kids the chance to see other children in the online class and attend short lessons, which are little tasters to what they’ll experience when they start preschool.

Golden Window of Learning programme: what’s included?

The programme consists of two components – LiveClass Online and Engage at Home. The programme also includes curated activity kits to provide a hands-on learning experience, complementing lesson concepts of music & movement, puppetry, storytelling and more.

LiveClass Online

GWL includes 20-minute scheduled live online enrichment classes conducted by experienced learning specialists. Babies will be exposed to vocabulary, math and science concepts through songs and stories in Mandarin, English, or both. You may even learn a thing or two yourself, mama! This way, you can feel good knowing you’re giving your little one a positive screen time experience when you take part in the lesson with them. You can choose the best dates and times for each class to fit in your schedule, and kits with curated materials will be delivered to you for selected sessions.

Engage at Home

We know how easy it is to run out of ideas on how to play with babies at home. In this portion of the GWL programme, all you have to do is sit down for a short video tutorial where an experienced learning specialist will give tips on developmentally appropriate hands-on educational activities to try!

Parents will learn how to be great storytellers in order to engage their little ones while playing at home. You’ll even get curated material kits to help with the lesson delivered straight to your doorstep. You’ll also get 24/7 unlimited access to video tutorials for each activity (till the end of your subscription period).

What parents say

Shumin Hoh, mama to 2-year-old Emilia Tee:

“I found out about GWL when I was checking out Little Skool-House as a potential preschool for Emilia. At that time, Covid-19 was still at its peak so I decided to delay enrolling her in preschool. I chose to sign up for GWL so Emilia still gets to experience school in the comfort of home. My favourite part of the programme has got to be the 20-minute online class every week. The duration is ideal and it is a great way for me to spend time with Emilia, while picking up tips on how to engage her in my free time. Emilia looks forward to her weekly online classes with the teachers. She adored the teachers as they were very engaging. I could tell she was really upset when her classes ended after 3 months. I think the online classes and activity kits helped me to explore more new things that we could do with Emilia. I feel it has helped her to understand and grasp the concept of objects better. I would recommend GWL to parents who are hesitating to send their children to preschool (between 1 to 2 years old) to let them experience what school is like. I’m convinced of LSH’s curriculum and pedagogy that I have enrolled Emilia in LSH!”

Syazana, Sassy Mama Editor says:
“My 2-year-old really enjoyed the lesson – a first for us, because in the past she’s never taken an interest in virtual classes! Trust me, I’ve tried. But with GWL she was thoroughly engaged. One of the lessons was with the theme of transportation, where Teacher Reginal took us on a ‘trip’ to discover cars, trucks, trains and buses. My daughter even gave her own suggestions of ‘helicopter’ and ‘aeroplane’ when asked what her favourite modes of transport were. The duration was perfect for us and I look forward to joining the next online lesson with her.”

Sign up for GWL!

The GWL programme is a 3-month subscription programme, available in either English, Mandarin or both languages. Each month comes with 4 live classes, 4 on-demand video tutorials and up to 8 activity kits sent to your doorstep. A single language subscription is $159/month, while the bilingual subscription is $299/month. Parents can cancel without any penalty anytime before the next billing date.

Enjoy 15% off the GWL bilingual subscription with the promo code SASSY15 and 10% off the GWL single language subscription with the promo code SASSY10.

Click here to check out the English & Mandarin Subscription Plans!

Want to try it for yourself? Sign up for the upcoming GWL trial classes at $28 each! Click below to go to:

  • English Trial with 2 activity kits (Sign up by 10 May for 16 May classes)
  • Mandarin Trial with 2 activity kits (Sign up by 17 May for 23 May classes)

Brought to you in partnership with The Little Skool-House

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