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Go Natural: Cool Sheets for Hot Weather

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Fabrics made with natural fibers are great for our tropical climate. Sustainable, hypoallergenic and super absorbent, if it’s sheets for cooler nights you’re after – look no further!

Is the heat making you toss and turn in bed, endlessly mama? Choosing the right bedding and sheets can make a world of difference! From bamboo and cotton to silk and linen, sheets made with natural fibers are perfect for tropical and subtropical climates. Premier Australian textile brand Canningvale have a wide range of cool sheets that you are sure to love!


This natural, renewable fibre is literally as soft as silk. Bamboo contains a bio agent called ‘bamboo kun’ which repels fungus and bacteria. This makes sheets made of bamboo cotton odour-resistant as well as antibacterial – a quality that stays with the fabric, wash after wash.

Bamboo sheets are also moisture wicking and known to be great natural insulators. This water-absorbing quality of Canningvale’s premium Bamboo Cotton Sheets, pulls sweat away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate and remain cool in warm climates (and warm in cooler ones!).


To feel like royalty isn’t the only reason you should be sleeping on silk bedding! This natural fibre can absorb up to a third of its weight in water before it feels wet, making it breathable and one that keeps you cool through warm nights.

Mould and mildew woes? Silk naturally repels mould and is hypoallergenic making it friendly to sensitive skin. Silk fibres are also one of the strongest natural textile fibres in the world, and able to withstand most accidental damage with ease. The fab 5-year warranty on silk sheets from Canningvale will guarantee you’ll be sleeping in luxury for many years to come!

Pssst….Want youthful skin and silky smooth hair? Sleeping on silk pillowcases is anti ageing for your skin and great for your mane too!


If you are fan of cotton, give linen a try! Used for centuries for its amazing durability – linen is a fabric that gets softer with every use and wash. 30% stronger than cotton, it is extremely absorbent, allergy friendly and breathable. If you are an environmentally conscious family, it is a great option as a biodegradable fabric too! The linen/cotton sheets at Canningvale are a carefully designed combination of linen and cotton, that tempers the wrinkles otherwise seen in 100% linen sheets. All the benefits and comfort of linen without the trouble of ironing out pesky wrinkles – now that’s a win!

Cooler nights beckon mama! Visit Canningvale’s website now to get your hands on these gorgeous bedding sets and sheets.

Brought to you in partnership with Canningvale

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