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Ship out and shape up with WorldTrainer — the ultimate fitness concierge

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Sunglasses? Check. Passport? Check. Personal trainer? CHECK! No more excuses, mama. WorldTrainer’s elite trainers will keep up your fitness, no matter where you are!

One of the best perks of living in Singapore is the ease of travel — from a weekend getaway to a business trip out of the amazing Changi Airport, the wanderlusters amongst us are in globetrotter heaven! But what about those #FitnessGoals you set for yourself? Um, yeah, about that…

We know what you’re thinking: staying on top of your workout routine or even getting started in the first place feels impossible when you’re on the move, living out of a suitcase and chowing down on room service. Well, we’d like to introduce you to the ultimate fitness concierge service: Mama, meet WorldTrainer.

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For the health-conscious frequent flyer, WorldTrainer is a service that ensures you stay on top of your fitness, matching you with the world’s best personal trainers and even booking your workout sessions so all you have to do is show up!

This is a smart system built for time-strapped clients who want to optimise their workouts, with trainers able to access your workout history, training goals and profiles to prepare for your arrival. Significantly reducing assessment time and maintaining continuity, they’ll know what kind of sweat sesh you need even before you do! 

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There’s no excuse to sacrifice your training for travel. WorldTrainer’s global network of pre-screened, certified trainers are strategically placed in popular cities around Asia, Europe and North America, with a continuously expanding footprint! Your regular trainer will be kept updated on your progress so they can build upon your routine when you’re back home to keep you looking and feeling fierce! After all, this is a globally connected world so why can’t your training be, too?

We totally dig WorldTrainer’s personal training philosophy centred around consistency, personalisation and results. Knowing a trainer is waiting for you will keep you on track, especially if you know that trainer will design the workout according to your needs to get you the body you want.

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Memberships are priced to match your travel habits, meaning you pay for the concierge service according to how frequently you travel. On top of that, trainers’ rates vary based on the city. Flexibility and ease of access is key here. If you just want to pay per training sesh, that’s cool, too!

140903-SM-FoodieRoundUpStickers-Perk-greenWorldTrainer’s first 50 customers can sign up for one year of membership at US$950 (down from US$1550), which means US$79 a month for unlimited concierge service, including home city use. For Sassy Mama readers, WorldTrainer is throwing in a complementary training session! We think this also makes a great gift idea for the traveling partner in your life!

Sporadic bursts of exercise don’t work, mama. Make fitness a real part of your life with WorldTrainer’s help and feel the difference!

WorldTrainer, email [email protected]

Brought to you in partnership with WorldTrainer

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