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Personal Training: How This Mama of 4 Who Eats Carbs for a Living Manages to Look like a Supermodel

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Curious about personal training but intimidated by the cost or time commitment? Don’t be! One mama shares how EzFit suits her busy lifestyle…

Sassy Mama’s co-founder Lynn Yeow-De Vito is a bit of an inspiration to all of us; somehow she manages to juggle four kids, a demanding PR consultancy, a busy travel schedule, and a calendar packed with glamorous social events. We’re not sure if she ever sleeps! On top of all that, she’s married to Michelin-Star Chef Beppe De Vito, and consumes her fair share of super delicious Italian food. And yet despite all those carbs she manages to stay looking like a supermodel

How does she do it? Well, clearly great genes and a wondrous metabolism for a start. But Lynn also swears by her personal trainer Vanan, the founder of EzFit, one of Singapore’s most popular personal training companies. Founded in 2005, EzFit has a team of trainers to suit every body type, lifestyle, and workout preference, including boot camps, couples’ sessions, pre- and post-natal — they’ve even got personal training for kids! 

EzFit’s personal training packages start from $110 per session, with 24/7 availability (the first of its kind in Singapore). So no excuses about not being able to make the time, mamas! Read on to find out why EzFit is such a difference make in Lynn’s life, and can maybe be the same for you. 

When did you start doing personal training? What made you decide to begin working with a trainer?

I started over a year back. I had always wanted to try personal training but for various reasons had been putting it off for a long time. Vanan came highly recommended and I was extremely honest (borderline rude maybe!) about what I didn’t like about PT  with him at first. He took all my concerns in stride!

He wasn’t at all pushy, and didn’t hard sell me at all. Instead, after he left he dropped me a nice note to thank me for meeting and encouraged me to consider a trial session with him. I didn’t revert due to busy work commitments but he came back to me with some advice on how to manage a post-natal, prolapse cervix issue I’d told him about, such as different forms of exercises including swimming (which isn’t even his specialty).

I was also impressed by how Vanan made a good professional effort to consult a gynaecologist to better understand how he could support and cater to my situation.

ezfit workout lynn yeow de vito

How did you find out about EzFit? What do you like about EzFit in particular?

I bid for sessions at a charity gala dinner.

EzFit really truly cares: the level of professionalism is unparalleled. You have so much flexibility, like the option for female trainers, as well as trainers who can specialise in targeting a pre- and post-pregnancy workout.

You obviously eat a lot of delicious food for a living! How do you balance diet and exercise?

I have four boys to keep my metabolism going which helps, too!  I also believe that getting some exercise also allows you to eat well with less guilt!

After having your last child, was it hard to bounce back to working out?

Yes, after the fourth boy came along, I had to stretch myself between kids, work, family, friends … it was tough sneaking in a workout, although I really loved the “me time”!

What tips do you have for new mamas trying to get into an exercise routine?

Speak to a professional trainer who truly cares, and personalise your exercise journey. Try to stick to it, but don’t be afraid to take a break. Indulge in whatever makes you happy when you like or need to (foods, new clothes, date night out). Don’t let your exercise routine rule you! You need to enjoy it.

How many times a week do you work out, and what kinds of exercises do you do?

Right now unfortunately twice a month if I am lucky. Walks with my kids by the river, swimming in the pool with the kids, or a day out with the boys in the Zoo or Universal Studios are workouts on their own!

ezfit workout mums

How do you stay motivated to work out? Do you have a particular time of day when you like to exercise?  

To keep my mind clear, taking that hour to keep it about me. I don’t prefer a particular time, that’s another reason why I really appreciate the flexibility of EzFit.

Thanks, Lynn! To find out more and sign up for a free consultation, check out EzFit’s awesome new website, mamas!

EzFit, Tel: (+65) 9007 9742,

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