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For Mamas in a Pinch: Fresh, Crisp Laundry Delivered to Your Doorstep

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You already have enough on your to-do list, mama. Take a load off and let someone else do your laundry

So you’re finally home after a day of running errands + getting work done + picking the kids up from school and while your house actually still looks impeccable (or at least it did, before the kids tossed their school bags anywhere they liked), the eyesore that is your overflowing laundry basket is begging you to dive in and do the absolutely fun deed of clothes washing (or folding). And then you go, “Dinner first, laundry tomorrow.”

Tomorrow comes… the laundry hasn’t done itself. And then you look out the window and it’s raining. Great. Take it from us, all hope is not lost! Your laundry can be done with just the touch of a few buttons on your phone.

Arrange a pickup for your dirty laundry on the honestbee app between 1pm to 10pm and honestbee Laundry will send someone in the next hour. In just two days, you’ll get freshly washed, clean laundry delivered right to your doorstep without even having to break a sweat. No loading or unloading of the washing machine, no lugging clothes to the laundromat… just great-smelling clothes.

honestbee laundry delivery

honestbee partners with laundry experts to provide premium services with affordable prices (from just $4.90 for a shirt Wash&Iron and $6.90 for Premium Dry Clean!). Whether it’s dry cleaning your expensive outfits or getting your mattress covers and blankets cleaned, honestbee launders just about everything – just refer to their price list for a sample of their services! The pickup window of one hour and delivery in two days is currently the fastest in the market without an ‘express’ surcharge. No minimum order required, just a flat concierge fee of $3.99. They’ve also slashed their prices just for the month of March, making their order prices even cheaper than the industry price.

On top of their fab grocery concierge and food delivery services, honestbee Laundry has already been around for a bit, but have only just revamped their operations with the launch of honestbee Laundry 2.0, promising even better service (in fact, they’ve already seen over an 80% drop in complaints). And if you’re worried about receiving damaged goods, honestbee’s compensation policy will have you covered – you’ll be compensated 15 times the order amount of your items if you sent it for a normal wash or dry clean service, or up to $1,000 per item if you sent it for a premium dry clean service.

So as they say, “Life isn’t perfect, but your laundry can be.”

Quote SASSY15 and get $15 off (with min. order of $25) your first laundry order! For first-time laundry customers only, and valid till 30 April 2018.

Brought to you in partnership with honestbee

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