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Health Insurance, Simplified: Top 3 Reasons Pacific Prime Makes Life Easier for Families

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Deducti-what? If health insurance has got you baffled, mama, check out the family health insurance plan designed to make life simpler

We write about health insurance all the time here at Sassy Mama – whether you’re pregnant, want peace of mind when traveling, or need to ensure your kiddo has the best pediatrician or dentist, finding quality medical care weighs heavily on the minds of mamas. And yet even we can find the world of premiums, deductibles, and benefits limits confusing.

Enter Pacific Prime Singapore. They are all about simplifying insurance for their members, and are always there to provide expert advice on health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, and more.

family health insurance pacific prime singapore

Why a Family Health Insurance Plan Makes Sense

If your or your partner’s employer (or the government) only provides limited health care coverage, a family health insurance plan may be the way to go, mama. These are highly customizable and can cover inpatient treatment, outpatient care (including GP and specialist visits), vaccinations, dental and vision care and maternity visits. They can also provide worldwide healthcare treatment and even cover alternative treatments like TCM.

Here are 3 ways Pacific Prime simplifies health insurance for families:


Buying a family insurance plan (rather than individual plans for each family member) can be more cost-effective due to discounts, not to mention possible coverage for pre-existing conditions. This is because premiums are calculated based on the ages of all family members covered under the policy. In fact, sometimes a family can even add an additional child to the plan for free! Do note that policy conditions vary across plans and insurers, mama, so it’s always best to clarify with your specific provider beforehand. 

Covers Pre-Existing Conditions

Whether your baby was born with medical issues or you’re planning to get pregnant, family insurance plans that cover pre-existing conditions can provide huge peace of mind. Bear in mind that pre-existing condition cover may come with a waiting period, or higher costs known as “loadings”, so make sure to do your research, mama! 

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Highly Customizable

Pacific Prime works with your family to cater to your specific needs, including selecting your specific plan benefits (why pay for something you won’t use?), benefits limits (how much you’ll be insured for annually or per visit), area of coverage (perhaps just locally in Singapore, or worldwide), deductibles (how much you want to pay out of pocket before being able to make a claim), and premiums (your monthly/annual payments for the plan).

What’s more, families can choose to insure children only, and even secure customized plans for specific treatments, such as orthodontics for teenagers, or orthopaedists if you’ve got a wonky knee!

Pacific Prime insurance advisors don’t just sell policies, they advise on the best plan that will serve clients not just for one year, but for the entire time they need it, whether that’s a two-year stint here in Singapore, or decades to come while your kids grow up. This personal touch includes complimentary services like informative plan comparisons and a simplified explanation of insurance terms, along with smooth medical claims processing and policy renewal support.

So if you know you need some kind of insurance, mama, but are feeling overwhelmed by the jargon or are simply unsure of exactly the scope of coverage your fam requires, try contacting Pacific Prime to see how they can help simplify insurance for you.

Pacific Prime Singapore, 18 Cross Street, China Square Central #14-05, Singapore 048423, email [email protected] or Tel: (+65) 6346 3781,

Brought to you in partnership with Pacific Prime Singapore

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