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Family Cars: The SKODA Octavia is Compact But Mighty

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Looking for a family ride that’s small in size but big on space? The ŠKODA Octavia is the family sedan for all your travel needs

Looks can be deceiving. The unassuming ŠKODA Octavia may look small on the outside, but peer into its interior and you’ll discover it packs a punch with loads of space – 1,580 litres to be exact!

It’s small, but it’s not that small. The Octavia can actually rival many cars for how much room it has with its impressive boot capacity of 590 litres (1,580 litres with rear seats folded). It’s perfect for stowing away an unused car seat, strollers, groceries, luggage, you name it. Need a visual to picture? You can throw in two golf bags and still have room, or two large suitcases (maybe even a third!) with no problem at all. The liftback tailgate also makes it significantly easier to load. There’s nothing like heaps of space to make errand running just that little bit less stressful, mama.

Say hooray to more legroom! Not only does the car cater for boot space, but it also offers plenty of passenger space in the front and back so everyone can sit comfortably without feeling too packed in. The big rear doors also make fitting booster seats a breeze.

While space is a huge bonus, safety is priority in any family car. The Octavia has seven airbags and excellent driver assistance systems like a rear view camera, park distance control (with sensors in the front and rear bumpers), blind spot detect to support you in changing lanes safely, and driver alert to detect fatigue (so you’ll know when to take a break!).

The car is packed with other smart features, too, like Cruise Control, Smartlink to connect your smartphone, a large high-definition eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and eight speakers.

So who says you have to compromise on space or cool features in a small car, mama? The ŠKODA Octavia proves otherwise, and the best part is you can own it without breaking the bank — prices start from as little $89,900. We’re already stoked for our next road trip!

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