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But First, Coffee! How to Score Viral Two-Toned Orange Americano for Just $0.99

luckin coffee's Orange Americano
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luckin coffee’s Orange Americano has landed in Singapore and you can get your hands on it (or your favourite caffeine brew) for just $0.99 as long as you’re a new user who downloads the luckin app

Need coffee? We get it! We need our little shot of the good stuff before we can deal with toddler tantrums and our endless to-do list! If you’re a fellow coffee lover, you’re going to want to know about this handy hack to score caffeine for next to nothing! luckin coffee has just launched its pretty two-toned Orange Americano, and new users who download the luckin app can order it (or your favourite caffeine brew) for just $0.99!

Introducing the new Orange Americano

luckin coffee's Orange Americano
luckin coffee’s Orange Americano

The Orange Americano delivers your regular hit of coffee with something extra – a surprisingly refreshing taste! luckin coffee’s Orange Americano, is a new style of caffeine that’s a unique take on the classic Americano. Black coffee with orange juice (the juice content is more than one orange in each cup!) is a game-changer. Whether you’re looking to ditch dairy and say goodbye to cappuccinos or try something new, the Orange Americano has had rave reviews from both Americano enthusiasts and those who do not usually like drinking straight black coffee! luckin coffee’s IIAC Gold Medal coffee beans are perfectly blended with juice, balancing out the inherently bitter coffee taste, so it’s a smoother sip. Plus, we can’t deny it’s a beaut with its two-toned look!

luckin coffee’s accolades

luckin coffee is the largest coffee chain brand in China and has become a world-leading coffee retail company with over 16,000 stores worldwide. The beans used in luckin coffee come directly from top coffee-producing regions and have won the gold medal of IIAC for five consecutive years, with “Yirgacheffe” in luckin coffee’s SOE Specialty Series winning the IIAC platinum award in two separate years.

Get luckin coffee for just $0.99

Ready to score a crazy good offer on coffee? Download luckin coffee’s official mobile app, and you can enjoy your first drink for just $0.99. Try the new Orange Americano or get your favourite usual order for just $0.99. Other drinks include the Single Origin Espresso (also known as the Little Black Cup Series), Signature Lattes, Matcha Series luckin Exfreezo, Tea Latte and more. With the luckin coffee app, you’ll also get access to a whole range of additional coupons every time you place an order.

There are more than 30 luckin coffee stores in Singapore, so head down to your nearest one to get that cuppa!

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