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Guide to Hari Raya and the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar

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In celebration of Hari Raya, look forward to food, fun and festivities this June at Geylang Serai

If you didn’t already know mama, Ramadan just kicked off last week! For Muslims that means going a month without food or water (yes, even water) from dawn to dusk, before Hari Raya Aidilfitri rolls around. If you’re wondering, I’m doing fine – albeit hungry – but fine, thanks for asking!

You may have spotted our video of all the sights at Geylang Serai throughout Ramadan, and spotted what’s on at the Ramadan Bazaar. With food and shopping taking centre stage (over 800 stalls in total!), people from all over Singapore make the yearly pilgrimage to the bazaar in search of the latest eats, threads and decor – this year, there’s even a carnival for kiddos by Uncle Ringo!

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If it’s your first time at the Ramadan Bazaar, you’re in for a treat. Food is among the main attractions and people come from all over the island to visit the fair for all the yummy delicacies it has to offer. You’ll find classic bazaar fare like Ramly burgers, keropok lekorpercik style chicken wings, vadai (savoury Indian fried snacks, sort of like donuts), takoyaki, Turkish kebabs and air kathira (a sweet, milky drink best known for its cooling properties) in almost every other stall you visit.

This year though, vendors seem to have upped the ante with even more Instagram-worthy eats (because going ‘viral’ on social media is everything) — like rainbow bagels, unicorn-themed desserts and drinks, and even voice-changing edible balloons filled with helium (WOW), perhaps best reserved for the more adventurous foodies. They still stock our faves though, like dendeng (or beef/lamb jerky), otah-otah (fish cakes wrapped and grilled in banana leaves), churros and thirst-quenching Thai milk tea.

Check out the vendors you shouldn’t miss below! Do note that there are a mix of halal-certified, Muslim-owned and non-halal certified/non-muslim owned stalls. We wanted to be as accurate as possible in case you’re looking out for your faves!

21 Sliders – juicy mouthwatering burgers 
555 Thai Tea
Alley SG – multi-flavoured drinks
Bangkok Cafe
Beef Bro

Biryani Point
Broti SG – delicious Thai-inspired drinks
Byblos Grill

Cake Love
Cendol Kain Pelekat
Coyoro – dragon’s breath (meringue frozen with liquid nitrogen, making you breathe out ‘smoke’ as you eat it!)
Dendeng Duo
Dendeng Corner

Happy Rollies
Haus Boom
House of Mandi
Hyde & Co. – Chilli Crab Pasta, Crispy Chicken Rendang in a cup, Truffle Fries

Iceburnz – churros, milkshakes and sandwiches
Ikan 1986 – delicious otah-otah that I personally tried and absolutely loved!
Kathira Shiok
King of Kebabs
Le Rack Shack
Loco Loco SG – Thai Milk Tea soft serve, churros and more
Malay Takoyaki
Mango Tango
Mr Arabic Food
Mr Falafel
Mr Kebab
Mr Teh Tarik
Mr Vadai
O’Braim Lite
Pineapple Chi
Rainbow Works
Ramly Roti 

Sofnade – colourful drinks, meatballs, classic Malay dishes, all served in a bucket
Suap by WORD
The Original Vadai
The Raclette Factory
T. I. T. – Thai Iced Tea in portioned cups that let you customise flavours
TKC collective
Turkish Kebab House

Uyi Savoury Squids
WORD Cafe – beef/mutton ribs and drinks in a bucket 
Yummers in The Tumz – crepes, churros, soft serve, half-half drinks, lolly waffle

If we missed any of your favourite vendors, let us know in the comments, mama!


The usual suspects can be found here at the Geylang Serai Bazaar, like your traditional yet stylish Hari Raya clothing for ladies, men and kids, jewellery, decorative lights, carpets and curtains.

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Make sure you go early! Stalls open as early as 11am. And let me just get this out of the way mama – it’s going to be HOT. Bring a portable fan if possible, and have a small towel ready to keep sweat at bay! With the monsoon season upon us it’s also worth packing an umbrella in case you get caught in the rain although the entire bazaar is sheltered.

Comfortable shoes are always a great idea, and if you’re too worn out from walking through the bazaar, get yourself a delicious drink or dessert to share with the hubs and bubs, and chill by the roadside to catch a breeze. Crowds will begin to form from about 4pm, so be prepared to brave through it as everyone will be trying to get their hands on food for their evening meal!

All the details!
When: Now through 14 June 2018
Where: Along the stretch of Geylang Serai market, Joo Chiat Complex and the former Malay Village, as well as along Geylang Road
Time: 11am till late
How to get there: Alight at Paya Lebar MRT, go out the main exit facing Paya Lebar Square, turn left then turn again at Guardian. Walk in the direction of OneKM and Tanjong Katong Complex

Keep up to date on highlights of the bazaar and more Geylang Serai Ramadan and Hari Raya festivities on, mama!

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